Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mummy Clive

Cuddled up


little faces

Spot the kitten

Aren't these the cutest animals you've ever seen?! I went to visit mummy Clive and her little ones at the weekend and couldn't take my eyes off of them - their little personalities are already showing through, they are so funny to watch!


As you may know, disaster struck the other night. Little Uno was very weazy and finding it hard to breathe. We took him to the emergency vets where they suctioned his lungs and put him on oxygen, but they said the chances of him surviving were low. After a painful wait and a trip home to try and sleep, we were told the bad news.

I just wanted to say, even though Clive is the spazziest cat I've ever met - she is a brilliant mum. As you can see from the pictures, she is very affectionate to her little ones and always cuddles up to them. Obviously she's still learning and does silly things like sit on them...but she's getting better! Chud is also doing a great job as cat daddy - feeding them supplement milk, stimulating their bowel movements! - eww.

Well done Clive and Chud - it will get easier!xx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


pew pew pew

Laser Eyes Edition.

they watch me cook

Elton & Coop

Cat Pap - French Concession, Shanghai.

A beauty, and very chatty, although was all in Shanghainese Mowr so I didn't understand.


Ginger cat loves the dirty talk

From the same house in Islington that brought you Jason and Cat Pap aka Muffin comes the third cat in the trio - Ginger.

I didn't even give him any chinny chin - this feline fancy just went nuts for some dirrrty talk!

Monday, 29 March 2010

R.I.P Uno

This morning was a very sad time in our house hold. As all you Cat Party people are aware, our house grew by an extra three little felines late Friday.
Our house has been over joyed with love and happiness since, I could just sit and watch them snuggle up to their mom trying to work out how to feed for hours, it the most beautifully natural thing I have ever experienced.

But at 3am this morning Chud knocked at my door, informing me 'uno' (still not named, but he was the first out so we named him uno for the time been) isnt breathing too well and he needed to be rushed to the vet. I held him in my hand, trying so hard to think positive and that it wouldn't be the last time I would hold him...but unfortunately he didn't make it.
The little lovely had fluid in the lung from the birth and the vet wasn't able to save him.

This is a very sad time for Cat Party once again and for our house, and its so painful to have a little friend you love so much, taken away so soon. I was so looking forward to getting to know this little beast and bringing him up as my own.

The other two are fit and healthy and are doing fine, I just wish uno was still here to grow up with them.

Goodbye Uno...
I love you x x

Cat Pap - Somewhere in Shanghai


pigeon in a coma

This is my cat Morrissey.

He hunts a lot of pigeons.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Big Momma Clivey

On behalf of Cat Party, I would like to officially congratulate both Clive (and Chud) for the successful birth of 3 tiny furry little kittens on Friday night!

I made sure to go and visit the mini-beasts yesterday (when they weren't even a day old!) and took these photos.

It's mental how big Clive looks in comparison to her litter, when she normally seems so tiny. It was scary to hear that she got pregnant as she is so young and small, but I'm glad she pulled through ok.

Although this event has been an emotional one for all involved, it effects me on a very personal level as Chud has asked me if I would like one of the three for myself. Thanks, man :)

Since the death of Nacho I haven't wanted to think too much about getting a new beast too soon, but this feels like the cat gods are telling me something.

Plus when I saw those stripey legs, I was sold.

Why look at sad old guys cocks...

When you can look at PUSSY!


coming soon...

798 Cat Paps

Ok, so I didn't actually get 798 Cat Paps, this in fact refers to an area in Beijing called the '798 Art Zone', an artist community in the Chaoyang District where we went last week to interview Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.... a conceptual art couple. If you don't know their work, I suggest you check it out, its pretty great.
Of more cultural importance though, as always, was that they had a fine young fluff in their studio and here he is:

He was quite timid at first, then once he got used to our smell he started to get loved up and even sauntered into the shot whilst we were filming, trying desperately to get onto the lap of the host as she politely tried to wave him off whilst nodding nervously - balls I forgot to get a screengrab, I will do that.

Then on the way to their warehouse to film buckets of fake sick, slipper launching machines and geriatric UN leaders in freight containers we crossed through an area resembling a 1980's Beirut - where I found possibly the mangiest beast of all time leaping between the rubble and yelping at me loudly if I got too close. He looked like the bum-version of the hip art cat and was pretty filthy but seemed happy enough.

THEN we went back to 798 for dinner and I found this gringo chilling by the entrance.

To top the day off, as we were flagging down our driver, I saw a flash of tail under a car and followed it round to find this brute whisking a chicken bone off into the alley.

Pretty successful day, no?


I was in one of the infinite markets of Shenzhen, Southern China and found this amazing Hitler cat. He was so fucking friendly and was actually giving me hi-5's whenever I went to stroke him but unfortunately as seems to be the case in China, as soon as you get out your camera in a shop, you get swarmed by angry young shop attendants: 'NO PHOTO! NO PHOTO!'
I tried from afar and this is the best I could get. Still kind of like it anyway.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Jimmy the Radster

I met Jimmy earler today at my friend's BMX store. These photos were taken in the backyard, which is a makeshift bar/painting studio.

I sensed that the boys who live and work at this place don't like him much. They are dog people. But I was enchanted by his calm demeanor and prominant eyebrow whiskers.


It gives me great pleasure to present the first CP newborn- "Kitten 1" was born this morning at 00:40. Resembling some kind of slimey miniature cow, Clive's first born is healthy and squeaking away. In true spazzy Clive fashion she didn't have a clue what to do and completely ignored it, so I had to get in there and free it from it's fluid sac, and cut its umbilical cord for her. I did, however, refrain from eating the after-birth.

"Kitten 2" was born at 01:45, requiring similar assistance. A livelier tyke that Kitten 1, Kitten 2 seemed more interested in scaling Mt Clive than trying to get on a nipple.

"Kitten 3" followed shortly after, fully emerging at 02:05. He's pretty spazzy too, they all are. They're still heavily involved in some kind of kitten bundle at the moment, they're not feeding just yet but I'm pretty sure they'll work it out soon enough...

I've filmed the whole thing too, and will endeavour to cut it, if i can drag myself away from these tiny beasts. So don't expect it particularly soon.

All in all, total success - Clive and her three babies are fit and well, and I'm quite sure this is the best thing that's ever happened.

More updates to follow.....

Friday, 26 March 2010


Thought you might be interested to see my Cat tattoo.
Proof of my dedication to the furry triangular-eared race.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Viv got did

..and she has been a real tough kitty.
Post mini-op she seems very content and I'm certain the kitty sedation drug will wear off soon and her come down will be nothing more than a little 'should I shouldn't I eat the house plant today' indecisiveness.
Go Viv! with your Alice Delal-esq shave off.

She's having tough mornings lately...

Methodically peeing on the same spot on the sofa every day is excruciatingly exhausting I'm sure.
We love her nevertheless.

Hong Kong Market Kitten Pap

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