Thursday, 31 December 2009

Peatrie with a broken leg.

A mildly amusing picture of a small cat with a broken leg. I would feel sorry for her but it was so funny watching her try and walk. Good job they don't give people leg plaster twice the length of their leg

It is a cat. It is a hat.

The redoubtable Big Fatty Johnson used as an item of luxury feline headgear. Miss you Big Fatty. RIP.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Do They Know It's Christmas?

I am having to spend Xmas without my furry friend as I have come back to my family home for a few days. I miss the little beast, but have left him a tin of pilchards wrapped up for my housemate (and cat-sitter) to treat him with. I guess the real question is does he even know or care where everyone has gone, and why?

Merry Zuul, Nacho... Merry Zuul :)


It may be christmas day, but if its 28 degrees and you're a Himalayan Cross.. there's not much else you can do but stretch out and hope for the best. As a wise man (or woman) once said: "Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired."

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Morpurrga (left) and Purrsephone (right). They are sisters, and roughly 11 and a half years old. Morpurrga likes licking Purrsephone's bum, and Purrsephone likes watching me in the shower and on the toilet. Morpurrga is a bit of a scaredy cat but Purrsephone is the bully of the neighbourhood, her most recent conquest was chasing a huuuuge ginger tomcat out of the garden (she clearly didn't realise he was just after some lovin').

It's a sign

I bought a new camera off ebay a few days back, as all my little film cameras seems to be broken/breaking... my new purchase arrived in the post today and gave me a bit of a shock on opening:

The sender had packaged it in a Whiskas cat food box!

This MUST be a sign... I believe that this camera could be the ultimate holy mega zuul Cat Party Camera .... A.K.A. The Chosen One.

I have faith that this camera will take me on a whirlwind adventure of fur based image making, and will take the world of Cat Party to new visual and spiritual places.

Watch this space.

p.s. shall we start a Cat Party religion?

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Autumn/Winter '09 Ron

Studio Ron

Ron Bath

Cat in the Act

We all know christmas is fundamentally a time for gifts.
With this in mind I rather selflessly gifted Cat Party, by buying myself a new camera.
This is the first photo I took. Its a little homage to one of my fave posts of all time on Cat Party, and its protagonist is Zack Demuth... more to come on this one soon.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Big Fatty Johnson - RIP

This is the one and only Big Fatty Johnson. The cat, the legend.

Here you can see him rocking the beard and shades ensemble. A strong look for any cat about town. Although he didn't get about town too much, due to his immense girth.

If he was still with us today, Cat Party would certainly be a bigger, fatter kind of party.


Friday, 18 December 2009

Cat Zuul Crossover

Catify Playlist

In a further attempt to expand the Cat Party Empire (and take over the world), we have now created a Cat Party Catify playlist for your furry audio needs.

The playlist is collaborative and we want all of the Cat Party community to get involved and add feline based songs for each other to enjoy.

Click HERE to get involved and add some tunes!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Big Cat Party

Yep, this is pretty real. My parents just got back from holiday in Argentina, where they spotted this (big) cat in the Cordoba state. The cat is a puma and the photo was taken by a guy called Marcos, stood just 20 yards away from the beast.

Nominations for November's 'TOP CAT' post of the month announced!!!

Cat Party Admin are pleased to announce that this month's 'Top Cat' competition is now OPEN!!!

Taskforce, the winner from last month has now chosen her top ten in what could be one of the toughest month's yet.

We awarded the prized mug earlier (and gave her the cup).

Here she is drinking from the much coveted furry cup:

Choosing the final nominations must have been furry difficult, but please glance your eyes to the right hand side to see which posts (and which beasts) made the grade.

You may also notice that we have added small images from each post to make it easier for you to examine each post and place your votes.

Last month was VERY tense in the final stages and we wanna see more of the same!

The Cat Party empire is growing in power on a daily basis with more contributors and more visitors. Soon we will take over the world, no doubt.

As with last month, we urge all the nominated contributors to promote their post to the utmost extent. Perhaps it could be less of a two-cat race this time!


As usual the next winner will receive a 'Top Cat' mug and will curate the posts for next month's competition.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and keep it furry.

Lord Farley, the newest cat to K Town

"Farley" has been uprooted from Walthomstow and rehomed in Kentish Town for 3 weeks whilst his folks have flown to Tobago.  1 week in to the residency, he has been mostly hiding............under cushions, up the chimney, behind the chest of drawers, between shirts in the wardrobe.........until finally settling under the sofa bed.  He occasionally comes out when Vanni makes tapping noises on the keyboard ..........seemingly to instigate schmoozing to stop him working. ...........but then runs off again.  We are determine to break him in and welcome him with open paws to the brethren of the Butler massive............but so far its fallen on deaf furry ears. 

We are hoping for more guest appearances over week 2, in view of delivering back a fully functioning Farley..........I will be covering these catsploits on Cat Party so stay tuned for Farley F.M updates.  Any recommendations of tempting him out will be much appreciated..........dowsing his favourite mouse in a double dose of catnip & catnip spray hasn't clinched the deal thus fur.  
*Snaps from rare sightings by Anna Leader*

Fat Cat Party

My Cat Tiger... scared to take her to the vet due to obeseness

front line cats

these little guys were hanging out outside my friend Jiro Beavis' house.

The Real Fight Club

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