Sunday, 28 February 2010


Is Clive Pregnant?

Clive is our little lovely lady beast (ignore the name) and we think she might be pregnant. She hasn't been neutered and was caught a month ago getting all sexy with one of the neighbours cats. Stacey came home once to find Clive and a Big Tom Cat having a snuggle on her bed...cigarette in the ash tray I think its pretty obvious of what had happened there.
Anyway, so weeks have pasted and no physical change has occurred until now... she's starting to look a lot more plumpy and her nipples have become enlarged......are we going to have kittens?
Ahhhhh pretty scary stuff, she's only a baby herself.
I keep Cat Party posted with Clive and her belly.
(the photo was taken months ago, she has been cream cheesed!)

Meeting Winston

Soaking up the sun

Doing a bit of work

Watching Top Gun with his buddy Bugsy

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Winston this week at his home in London Fields. He is even more handsome than I imagined and has the longest cat body I've ever seen. He is playful, very particular (will only drink his water if the bowl is next to the sink) and hugely popular with his neighbours.

These pictures were taken exclusively for Cat Party by Jocelyn. Special thanks to Bugsy.

Friday, 26 February 2010


Hay. This is my long-time-lurker-becomes-contributor post.
Sadly I am not allowed furry friends inside my one room house, so every now and then I venture back to my mum and dads abode where this beast lurks:

His name is Lucifer and he more than lives up to his name. He is terribly naughty, despite only having three legs. My parents only had him a few months when one night they found him cowering under my sisters bed with both of his back legs broken. The vet had to chop one of them off, but he managed to save the other and send Lucifer home right as rain.
Lucifer is very mischievous, he tortures our elderly cat Spider by hiding behind sofas, or top of tables and then launching himself on top of her, we think he may be trying to romance her, he obviously likes older women. 
I'll leave you with this image I took after tucking a bad Lucifer up early to bed one night:

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tina the scullery maid

She's obsessed with getting into places she shouldn't

Danger Ron

Furrance Nightingale

I was cycling home drunk from the pub about 4am this morning and stacked. Right over the handlebars. I had my laptop and camera in my bag and somehow they were unscathed. I got let off with a sore toe and a small graze on my back. As I lay sorrowfully inspecting my wounds on the curb of the ironically named 'Gore St', I heard a little chirp and felt a bushy tail brushing on my arm. I turned round and was presented with this handsome chap.

I kind of got the feeling he'd seen my crash, and as a upstanding citizen of Fitzroy came to make sure I was ok. He was massively friendly and the sort of beast that never stops chatting. If i were to anthropomorphise him id say he would have had a fake cockney accent like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins... "Awight squire.. Wooops-A-Daisy! Nasty tumble ya took there.. wanna hand? Cheer up Guv, it might never happen...." etc. (all said in one breath)

He had a funny habit of kind of running about frantically and purring and chirping,and then all of a sudden he'd just stop and stare at a bush or something for a proper Nam-Vet 1000 yard stare.... then almost as suddenly jerk out of his trance and begin the frantic pacing again..

I also noticed after a while that he couldn't or wouldn't put his tongue in his mouth.

He looked pretty funny but whatever, it was defo worth the crash just to meet this amusing beast. Until next time, Furrance..(and with my shocking history of drunken bike incidences, there will surely be a next time).

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Meet Menow (you have to pronounce it like you're meowing "me-nowwwwww"). He has been adopted by my best friend and is currently suffering from a bad eye which looks a bit like a glass eye. All the lady cats dig it. It's like when boys have scars.

Cat Pap - Harper St

Just moved into my new house in Northcote, Mebourne and went on quite an extensive Cat Pap™ mission last night to no avail.

However, just a few doors down on my way back I spotted a black wide-eyed beast staring at me though the window from the distant comfort of his sofa arm. He seemed to know I was hunting him from the look of smug self-assuredness on his catty mug. I immediately resolved to never rest until I had papped the creature, fist in the air as the wind howled around my ears and lightning struck the ground yards away (wasn't actually QUITE that dramatic, but it felt like it at the time).
I have a bit of a history of becoming quickly obsessed when I spot a new cat pap I can't conquer, and so I was pleasantly surprised after a fitful night at number 15 Harper St to step out my door and turn to the right to see this sorrowful looking feline perched by the neighbours front door.

It was certainly the one from last night.!

Yes there is a cat in this picture.

Turns out he's actually a total radster and came over for a chat, completely ignoring the horrific yapping of a rank little weasel faced dog that lived at the house he was stooping on for the afternoon.

Expect more from this one.. I have an emergency tin of Salmon and Tuna 'Purr' ready to crack open in case he fancies venturing inside ours.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Droolia Roberts, it's time for your close up.

Street Walker

i met this noisy little guy on the way to the bar i work at. he was sitting in the middle of the footpath in the sun.

i approached cautiously while i took out my camera in case he ran off, but there was no need. infact, he stood up and walked casually towards me, miaowing over and over.

he walked around me in circles as i tried to take a nicely composed shot of him.

caught him mid-sentance. look at his little mouth!

he kept miaowing as i walked away, so i miaowed back. i hope the "it was a pleasure to meet you" sentiment translated well.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hello Party Kittens...

...this is Saffron (We didn't choose her name!). Saffron has come to join the party after a bit of a rocky start in life...

She has been with us for a couple of years now, and looks like she's only a young cat - she's quite small and practically half the size of an average kitty, but she's apparently knocking on a bit and is at least 10-11 years old. She came to be with us after my flat mates boss, had to move and couldn't take her along. The story goes, said boss answered an advert in the local paper, from a couple that had recently found a cat but couldn't afford to keep one. When she arrived on the couple's door they showed her Saffron. She was in a really bad way, very skinny, cuts and sores with manged fur and badly rotten teeth. The boss decided to take Saffron on, and took her to the vets. Where she underwent a series of injections and had all of her teeth removed. The vet estimated that she must have been on the street for quite a while, possibly up to 2 years. The boss had Saffron for just over 8 years, before she was passed to us. When we first got her she would completely freak out around plastic bags - especially black ones... which kind of makes you, wonder, what the hell she went through to get onto the streets.

Anyway, she's now with us and she's great! She has the softest fur - kind of like a rabbit. And although going a bit senile, she's amazing at catching mice. Trouble is she can't use her teeth, so they end up very wet and sucked to death...she also deposits them into my flat mates shoes, for her to find in the morning with her feet :-) Because she has no teeth, Saffron is prone to drooling a lot and sometimes her tongue sticks out, like in the picture...she doesn't seem to notice this and will walk around for ages with it flapping about.

Saffron hates to be alone, and loves company and hugs. So please, welcome Miss Saffron De Beauvoir onto the party circuit.

In up coming posts...Saffron, a BIG fan of man-musk! See what Saffron gets up to in her downtime...

Black Cat

I found this kitten when I was shooting an interview with a cross dressing male prostitute in his home which was in a red light district area of a shanty town in India last year. (Obvs.)

Monday, 15 February 2010


Mr Winston

This handsome chap belongs to a good friend of mine and lives in London Fields, East London. I've heard many stories about him and seen lots of pictures (this is my favourite) and can't wait to be properly introduced.

Thanks to Joce.

January's TOP CAT Nominations Announced!!!

Cat Party Admin are pleased to announce that this month's 'Top Cat' competition is now OPEN!!!

Duffy Brown - our winner from last month, has had a furry tough job choosing his top ten, after January was our biggest and best month yet, with a total of 72 posts!

Although February started as a very bleak month, we want to see the momentum from January re-gained and keep the spirit of Cat Party going strong. Keep the posts coming!

Duffy Brown in fact lives at Cat Party HQ so we had no problem in awarding the mug his mug!

We are pleased to let you know that he has been enjoying drinking from the furry cup on a daily basis (waaay more than he usually gets to).

Before we let you loose on the shortlist, we would like to make the point AGAIN, that cheating will of course, result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

We are aware of certain methods, and like to think of Cat Party as a democat-ic society... Not one that allows cheating.

To save myself the boring task of explaining any more, I shall simply quote from earlier in the month (when we disqualified one of our contributors 'Punkass'):

"This blog is meant to be a bit of fun and an innocent celebration of love for our furry friends, and fucking about with a good natured competition is really quite pointless. Cat Party loves a bit of fun as much as the next cat, but lets try and keep with the spirit of the blog here guys..."

To keep things open and fair, we encourage self-promotion.

If you want to email your whole address book and go mental getting people to vote for you, then great ;-)

More people will visit Cat Party that way too.


Please glance your eyes to the right hand side to see which posts (and which furry beasts) made the grade.


As usual the next winner will receive a 'Top Cat' mug and will curate the posts for next month's competition.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and please ... keep it furry.

Betty Love

I've been cat-sitting Betty in Ealing for the past few days. She is very shy and kept her distance to begin with but last night we bonded and she curled up next to me on the sofa last night in a heart shape.

Digital Harinezumi Drools

Harry and Alice

Harry is the big ginger cat and is Alice's son and they live in Leicestershire. They love cuddling and being photographed.

Thanks to Abigail.

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