Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Before you look at the pictures in this post, you should know that these two beasts are fundamentally, the reason that Cat Party was started in the first place.

Myself and Mr dEth were living in the same house with these two furry men, and decided that we needed somewhere to put all the cat photos that we were gathering.

So... the first ever Cat Party post is full of pictures of these two (amongst others).

Anyway... whilst dEth is away 'Down Under', his housemates have asked me to look after Snags as a few of them are moving out and can't do it anymore. It works out great for us all, as dEth and Snags were planning on moving in here later anyway, making this house official Cat Party Headquarters. I'm just gutted that Nacho can no longer be a part of it :(

Anyway, enough blabbering ... here's the photos I took of Snags and Dexter's reunion!

Dexy is calm at home, resting his giant furry boxing gloves over the TV remote.

He then spots something familar enter the room...

Mr Snaggy gets his bearings of the place by taking up that old faithful spot behind the sofa.

Snags finds a newer, more comfy spot to lie down and scope the place out.

The two beasts end up lying close together, bemused yet strangely magnetized to each other.

This confused staring continues for a little while...

Snags decides the best thing to do is to just CHILL.

After Snags wanders off looking for food, Dexy has a good old sniff of a familiar smell.

I think we can expect to see plenty of furry love from these two over the coming weeks.


  1. It was so nice seeing them both reunited and how Snags felt at home the minute he arrived.

    He likes alot...and i like him alot!


  2. i miss my cat so much i might be sick

  3. Aw this is brilliant. I am pleased to see the two contrasting furries re-united. Looking forward to many more posts to come.


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