Sunday, 28 February 2010

Is Clive Pregnant?

Clive is our little lovely lady beast (ignore the name) and we think she might be pregnant. She hasn't been neutered and was caught a month ago getting all sexy with one of the neighbours cats. Stacey came home once to find Clive and a Big Tom Cat having a snuggle on her bed...cigarette in the ash tray I think its pretty obvious of what had happened there.
Anyway, so weeks have pasted and no physical change has occurred until now... she's starting to look a lot more plumpy and her nipples have become enlarged......are we going to have kittens?
Ahhhhh pretty scary stuff, she's only a baby herself.
I keep Cat Party posted with Clive and her belly.
(the photo was taken months ago, she has been cream cheesed!)

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