Friday, 30 October 2009

Days of our Larry

Larry loves the Cricket - not ball games, not games played on green surfaces, just cricket.

Larry don't like being left behind

Larry 'Rumbled!'

This was a still from the set of the recent 'PussYCHO' starring Larry as Norman Bates.

The Big Sleep

I've been in the house during the day pretty much the whole week, and it's confirmed all my suspicions toward the question of "what do cats actually do all day?".

Yep, you guessed it.... they like to sleep (in different positions) ALL DAY LONG (unless they smell food).

Lazy goddamn furbags

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Riley- the early days

After seeing the rather wonderful Bootsie Collins, I couldn't help but look back and remember how little and sweet Riley was as a kitten... as opposed to the massive cuddly Tom he is now!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Funkadelic Bassist Reincarnated As Female Kitten

This is Bootsy Collins. We called her this mainly because it was a good name for a cat, and secondarily because it was the name of the bassist from Funkadelic. Either way, the first half of her night in chez Tai and Val was free of any major trauma. In fact, it was really fun and I think we were lucky to get such a sweet kitten. Aww (barf!!). Below is proof that Bootsy Collins' soul is alive and well, and still able to boogie. Thusly:

Everything was like a cat-based dream... until Val discovered that our washing basket had fallen over Bootsy during the night and made a veritable cage within which she was trapped for 6 hours. Val reported that she was a shivering mess and was worried that she'd need to see a cat shrink so that this didn't make her a basket case ('scuse the pun). Thankfully she's fine now and we think she'll enjoy our hippie house. Just stay away from my records Bootsy!!

More to come. We are still in the honeymoon period of cat ownership - I don't doubt for a second that there will be more minor dramas...

Frank says HI

Frank is new to Cat Party, in fact he's pretty new to us. Having never had a cat before, I had idealistic views of an instant, just-add-water fun cat. Over the past four days this, and the luxury of sleep, has been shattered by Frank The ASBO Kitten.

Within about 3 hours of owning Frank, the flat was turned over in an attempt to locate him. He'd managed to pull the stuffing out of an old chair and climb up inside it. More pictures to follow when he deems to grace us with his (hopefully much quieter) presence.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Miaow Miaow Party

Would you believe that someone gave Taskforce a writing pad with this on the front?
It's even spelt Miaow the official CP way!

I'd also like to use this post to remind everyone that voting for Septembers 'Top Cat' Post of the month finishes this week and we will be announcing the Winner on SATURDAY.. so get your votes in sharpish! Septembers Top Cat will receive a special one-off Cat Party Mug AND have the honour of curating the current Months competition. Yes that means selecting Octobers shortlist and writing a small piece about each combatant.

This also means if you haven't posted yet this month you better get in quick, there's some pretty fierce competition already!

Good Luck, and keep it furry.


I always wonder what one of the people who ever find or steal my phone think when they go through the photos on it. Either drunk people with whiskers drawn on their faces, or cats. Lots of cats. they probably think 'I bet this sad fuck has a blog where he posts photos of his cats'. Yep . Anyway I took some pics of my Blackberry and he's some selects:

I saw the Conquistador last week again and took about 10 photos but the flash is so bad this is the only one that came out. I'm gonna start carrying a better camera with me on my cycle route to work now. This beast is HUGE!

This is the happy couple relaxing in the kitchen waiting for the next food installment.

Snaggerelli eating his paw?

Odd resting places.

I came down on Sat and found Toots just chilling on the top of a window? Defo not the comfiest place.. but..

Old Ozzy Pumpkin takes the (cat) biscuit as i discovered this morning her latest perch place.. Moving from the bannister post to the tiny ledge overhanging the stairwell on the top floor. You cant quite see how high up this is from the shit photo.. but believe me its a fair old drop for a slightly senile scottish fold.

Sadie & Frodo say Hello to the Cat Party!

Frodo (left) and Sadie (right) are brother and sister. They live in Starkville.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Larry and the Pigeons

At this point Larry gets his first direct glimpse of the Pigeon Himself.

Larry ventures boldly out the window, fearless of the 100 foot drop to certain pain below. The prize is baby pigeon, and Larry is no pussy.

On his return, Larry catches a glimpse of a potential rival.

Satisfied with his efforts, Larry discovers one of his famous Improvised Comfort Zones.

Larry 'Lazarus' King (AKA Lazslo P. Bootington / Larrington Stanley / Stan Lazaridis)

Larry is a keen ornithologist.
Here, via the mirror, he first notices the pigeons roosting on the roof.


a.k.a Black Shadow

Just because...........
(Photo borrowed from Rosy Nicholas, Eric belonging to Hannah Bayatti)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

greek kitty

I met him on the island of Mykonos. He was coming to the hotel, but he also liked to have fun on the beach. My little friend has four rules : beach,sun,wind & freedom

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

cat party lives on in ljubljana - kinda

Disappointing lack of cats in Slovenia, none in fact, however there was a theme of pretty much everything being called cat - think they love cats so much that all the cats live in luxury and so never venture out, also its freezing. Took the cat theme pretty seriously with cat paintings, clocks, mugs, glasses, cushions, pretty much everything in the bars, cafes, restaurants etc that are named something cat.

All I have is a selection of cat named bars etc and some graffiti to share

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Wizard Clive.....
Here is the beautiful Clive, posing a treat with her new fancydress item...the wizard cloak. The cloak originally belonged to Snags (who is a keen resident to cat party)...but unfortunately he was too big for it...but fear not Clive is small enough and she loves it! Its like a comfy blanket attached to her where ever she goes.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Cat Pub Pap

Another old phone find.... This massive beast resides in a pub just off Brick Lane called The Pride of Spitalfields, that we at Cat Party HQ like to call 'The Cat Pub'. Not only can you buy a cheap booze in here, you can enjoy it in good, furry company.

Old Cat Pap - Marmalade and Sister

I just found some old phone photos that are from when I lived in Bethnal Green. You may have seen this royal looking ginger beast called Marmalade on here before. He rules the roost on Approach Road and is loved by all passers by. In the second picture is Marmalade's sister, who name has escaped me... she is also very friendly but a rarer sight to see.

Ohhhhh dignity

Bag Lady

Toots has developed an obsession with bags recently if you present an open one to her she just stops whatever shes doing and jump in it and not come out.
Last weekend i found her in this hessian one which is her fav in my room so i hung her on the door so i could take pic, then Belle called me for something so i went out, got distracted and left her hanging there for ages.
I'll video some of her bag antics soon.


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