Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I always wonder what one of the people who ever find or steal my phone think when they go through the photos on it. Either drunk people with whiskers drawn on their faces, or cats. Lots of cats. they probably think 'I bet this sad fuck has a blog where he posts photos of his cats'. Yep . Anyway I took some pics of my Blackberry and he's some selects:

I saw the Conquistador last week again and took about 10 photos but the flash is so bad this is the only one that came out. I'm gonna start carrying a better camera with me on my cycle route to work now. This beast is HUGE!

This is the happy couple relaxing in the kitchen waiting for the next food installment.

Snaggerelli eating his paw?

Odd resting places.

I came down on Sat and found Toots just chilling on the top of a window? Defo not the comfiest place.. but..

Old Ozzy Pumpkin takes the (cat) biscuit as i discovered this morning her latest perch place.. Moving from the bannister post to the tiny ledge overhanging the stairwell on the top floor. You cant quite see how high up this is from the shit photo.. but believe me its a fair old drop for a slightly senile scottish fold.

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