Saturday, 30 January 2010


this is my friend's cat. i only just met him recently. bobby might be a little bit retarded, but that just makes him sweeter.

Maddy and 'Le Mew'

This is my friend Jules' new cat Maddy. She's a purebred Russian Blue (I checked her tail for ringlets).

She's been in the house for about 3 months but still almost exclusively lives under Jules bed, and its very hard to get her out.

She seems genuinely terrified and only comes out if the house is empty or in the dead of night, and often pisses in the living room or on peoples beds out of fear I guess. The first time I stayed here this is the furtherest I saw her leave the saftey of the bed in about 5 days....(she's fine with Jules and Lewis, but shits it when a stranger comes past)

When we got back from a festival after New Years Eve, we found a big patch of Maddy fur on the stairs under a window and it looked like there'd be a fight of some epic proportion. The culprit was quite clearly this beast:

...which you can see here after jumping into the ute whilst we were unpacking. I'm pretty sure its a boy, and it's super friendly.. but to the point of being weird... almost rabid. He's got a tiny head and big butt and giant fluffy tail and is horribly dirty. He automatically reminded me of the cat in Pepé Le Pew.. (Penelope Pussycat..the one that goes 'le mew..le purr') in that classic episode when she falls into the bucket of water and gets a cold and cant smell him and turns the tables on him but is all manky and wet.

This is a few weeks later when I busted the brute coming in the same window where we found the fur, and now convinced that hes a big factor in Maddy's day to day torment, I collared the beast and chucked him out the back, then dosed him with 2 pints of water. He ran away, but almost seemed relatively unphased. (he is a bit mental I think)

I've since seen him only once and drenched him that time too. I think he's starting to get the picture that this aint his territory anymore.

Last weekend I spent a good half hour each day sitting next to the bed and regularly planting cat treats just outside the mattress and Maddy seems to be getting better.

Shes now taken to sleeping occasionally in Jules clothes cupboard which is quite a brave move by her standards, and now greets me with a little cat chirrup when I walk in to see her.

Much like Cow Cat, she loves a bit of chinny chin.

I'll keep Cat Party up to date with her progress.

I met this cat in the summer he was pretty

Friday, 29 January 2010

Ode to Louie's Legs

After seeing Taskforce's best card ever post, I was reminded that my hard drive is full of photos and videos of my parent's old cat Louie. He's at a private cat party in the skies now, but he was a constant source of entertainment when he was alive.

If you've ever seen 'Unbreakable' then firstly, commiserations, and secondly, Louie was based on Samuel L Jackson's character. He had a heart murmur, one side of his top teeth taken out and a genetic bone weakness that meant he had four broken legs during his six years.

This meant climbing trees was strictly forbidden and we often had to help him climb up onto beds. His sister Meg is still with us and has been to the vet just once in her life for neutering. She's a very independent cat and unlike Louie, will only tolerate affection in the form of tummy tickles from Dad...


Don't be fooled into thinking a fragile cat is a boring one though! Louie's favourite time of day was when he got his handful of hamster food (he held little interested in the hamsters themselves) and he was one of those cats that would chirrup every time you looked at him.

He and my Mum were best buddies, so if anyone knows of a friendly tabby and white male kitten for adoption near Newbury, she's looking!


I bought this little mouse for Clive and Jazz today and apparently it's the best thing ever. At least it was, for about ten minutes, they're completely bored of it now.

It was a pretty good ten minutes though.

Silly cats.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Milly the furry beastess

Pickle's in a pickle

Hannah Wood showed me the very sorry mug on her brother's moggy "Pickles" and thought it was a fitting post to follow Taskforce...........

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Best Card Ever!

Okay so I know the rules state that you're only allowed to post original content only, but I've recently broke my wrist and my lovely housemates have made me the best 'get well' card ever.
It makes me smile every time I look at the poor little kitty in her pink cast, and makes me feel better about my own disability, as if she can cope with it, so can I!
So I basically couldn't enjoy a card/ picture of a cute furry without publicising it on Cat Party, that would be illegal right?

Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Poppy's Reform

You might remember Poppy from a few months ago. She's filled out since we rescued her from CPL, and stopped sneezing on our faces in the morning which is nice.

We're much closer to our goal of getting her to sit like 'have a seat' cat on Youtube...

...and we've discovered her penchant for launching herself at rugs and blankets...

But perhaps the best things about Pussbridge are her forward personality...

...and her uncanny Hannibal impression...

"Good evening, Clarice"

Poppy (also known as Stinkington and Nag-Bag) is currently learning how to open doors, so we might be back with a video of that soon

Friday, 22 January 2010

Weird Sleeps #1: The Pillow Cave

Mr Moriarty has a tendency to suddenly decide to sleep. Anytime, anywhere. Mostly in places or positions that look pretty uncomfortable, even for a squidgy ball of peachy fluff. We thought we'd share a selection with you. First up, the pillow cave.


Here is another photo of Miss Mazurka


Hello, this is my first post on this blog, introducing the great lady Mazurka for the second time on this blog, she is very
happy with her time in the spotlight! More photos of her and other great cats coming over the next few weeks...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dexy the Destroyer


Roy loves the chase, but he does get a bit tired out

Cat-Chicken Feeding Frenzy

More of the kitten party crew. Now with their parents and feathered friends. Farmhouse in the Midlands. Makes me want to open a free range cats running about, getting fat for the winter.
Courtesy of Auntie Demuth

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Big Foot

Sadly I don't have a cat of my own (give it time) so I'm posting pictures of the most handsome cats I know. Meet Jack.

Thanks to David and Maria.

Holy Mother Teresa Ron


I'm away from home for a few months and im still waking up confused in the night, reaching down to the end of the bed to find an empty space where my little friend should be.
To combat my cat-homesickness, my housemate Sam sends me updates of his daily activities, which believe it or not... consist of sleeping in funny positions and eating.
Thats my boy.

Kitten Party

"Ebony and Ivory,

living together in perfect harmon....." Hey! human get out of our fucking room, we're trying to sleep!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The cats of Hong Kong

Sadly I don't have a cat of my own, so have to make do with stalking these furrry chaps from the medicine wholesalers district of HK as a fully paid up member of the Cat Party Paparazzi...

Four furry characters here:
Top: Mum cat - kept a watchful eye on L'il Ginge, but still found time to have a good streeeeeeeeetch.
Second: Scaredy Cat - didn't seem to keen on us to be honest. Bit cool for school maybe.
Third: Fat Cat - literally didn't move.
Bottom: L'il Ginge - the star of the show. Whether peeping coyly out of the wheel arch of a car, or death-staring the gutter in search of choice morsels, Ginge made himself many new friends that day.


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