Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cymru Cat

This is Poppy, also known as 'Pussbridge'. We rescued her just three weeks ago from Cat's Protection in Swansea, and she's taken no time at all to settle in.

Poppy looks a lot like a kitten, but she's actually around two years old. Her previous owners were lazy and didn't get her neutered, so when she was still tiny she had lots of litters and never got the chance to grow full size. Here are some photos of her last litter. As explained there, her and her kittens had cat flu. They're all better now, but when she's particularly chilled out Poppy does a tiny catty snore because her sinuses were damaged. We're often lulled to sleep by the sound of her nose whistling at night.

Lady Goatee

Her nickname, Pussbridge, comes from her favourite pass time; making bridges between things with her furry body. Usually laps and other laps, or laps and tables, laps and sofas etc. Since getting her home we've found she loves mashed potato, running up and down the stairs and her toy catnip fish. We like it when she falls asleep on the sofa arm and her bum falls off before the rest of her. She will also wash her feet on command, if you tickle them.

Lucy, Simon and Poppy x


  1. Wicked post... last photo is well funny!

    Definitely a contender for the 'Top Cat' mug next month ;-)

  2. i've just realised who posted this.... you have a good video too don't you? get it up!!!

  3. Ahh sorry for the slow reply! Top Cat? Really? I won't tell Poppy just yet or she'll get ahead of herself and become all smug. She already looks a bit proud.

    The video of the cat sitting on its bum? That's not actually my cat - just a random person's on YouTube...shall I still post it?

  4. Ahhhh no if its not yours then don't put it up... We only want original stuff on here .... Funny vid though!

  5. It is brilliant, my life's ambition is to get Poppy sitting like that :)


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