Thursday, 29 April 2010

International Nacho Day

Today is a really sad day for me, as it would have been Nacho's first birthday :(

It's been in my google calendar since I got him and I haven't wanted to remove it as I don't want to forget the little man - If he was still here today I'd be treating him waaaaaaay to much right now, that's for sure.

So, instead of feeling sad I'd like to declare today 'International Nacho Day' on Cat Party - feel free to do things like:

  • be super friendly to people all day
  • draw stripes all over your body and make purring noises
  • pretend you have a ridiculously massive fluffy tail and giant furry balls
  • pretend you have massive ears
  • run around a room and chase absolutely nothing like a total madman
  • chase a squirrel - very nearly catch it by jumping on it's back, but then eventually let it escape
  • run up to a mirror and do a back flip up against it cos you think it's another person staring at you
  • beg for food constantly
  • playfight with Dexter for most of the day (i'll let Snags take this task on)
  • get inside a vivarium and pretend you're a tortoise
  • urinate in my cheese plant
  • steal people's sandwiches (do this two days in row)
  • if you see a glass of drink on the floor, stick your head inside it and drink it
  • fall asleep pretty frequently throughout the day
  • climb up my leg and sit on my shoulder (this only works if I offer you cheese)
  • chase flies around the house
  • climb in a sink and sit in it with a crazed look
  • sit on a wall and gaze at the same spot for about half an hour
  • lie down and rest your arms out in front of you in a pose like a miniature lion
  • fall asleep on someone's lap
For what it's worth anyway, I just want to say Happy Birthday Nacho.

Please raise a glass of milk today in his honour and remember him for the amazing little beast that he was.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Islay is extremely tolerant and will be cuddled, squeezed, hung upside-down, shaken, stirred and generally loved without ever protesting or scratching. (Also spot the upside-down ZUUL claw in one of the pictures).

A Cat in a Bag.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Cat Cafe Seoul Part 2 - Return of the Cat

Ok, I'm sorry if this is annoying. I mean, I AM working out here, not just swanning about in Cafes with loads of furries etc, and in all honest I didn't plan on going to another one, but I was walking down the street and bumped into this guy...

And well.....It'd be rude NOT to go right?

So it's pretty much the same deal. Loads of Korean girls sipping green tea under two giant colour changing fish sculptures. This one was smaller and had a lot less cats than Gio, and had lots of little cat-nests around the edge of the room instead of a central cat tree.

This funny fellow was passed right out on the staff computer. He had strange little curled up ears.

In one of the cat nests we found a Sphinx! Never seen one before so was pretty rad. I thought they might feel a bit horrible, like all wrinkly, but in fact he was so soft, they actually have a downy like fur covering their bodies. Pretty amazing animal.

This was in another of the cat nests. Still can't figure out where the head is?

This handsome chap was my fav.

This was the boss. His picture was on the wall saying 'Master'. When he woke up, a kind of respectful cat hush fell over the room, it was pretty bizarre actually, the tension was only broken when one of the females ran over to greet him with a licking.

This female LOVED the manager of the cafe. She spent the whole time following him around and if he stood somewhere with a ledge near enough, she'd jump up and lick his face. Now... I like cats 'n all, but I'm not sure about the whole licking mouths stuff. Cat-butt tongue anyone?

Ok, so that's it. No more I promise.....


Friday, 23 April 2010

Chicken Styles

Chicken enjoying the sunshine.

Holy Crap

Nina just gave me my birthday present yep yep yep Ronman!

Introducing Peter

This is Peter Beardsley. He is our unofficial resident cat at my university house. He is actually a she, but we decided to ignore this.
We think Pete is a bit saucy.

Exhibit A: Cheeky tongue poke-
Exhibit B: The porn pose-

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cat Pap: Tongue-man

Last week, after 6 months of being an 'indoor cat', Poppy was microchipped and had her emergence into the outside world. We were excited to see how she would react to all the other cats that live around us, but we didn't expect her to start attracting strays.

This guy (nicknamed Alfie) turned up on our back doorstep on day two of Poppy's outdoor life, meowing loudly and being generally adorable. We'd never seen him before, and were puzzled as to why he was so thin when he had a collar on. He rolled around for a bit, had what the Welsh call a 'smooth' (stroke, to you and me) and showed us his tongue.

Now Alfie's been visiting almost every day. He's quite persistent and will often sit outside for hours with his tongue poking out. If you open the door when he's been sleeping he'll open his mouth to meow, but a quack comes out instead. Our neighbour says he's a stray, and their neighbour is feeding him and looking after him, while trying to find out who he belongs/belonged to. Poppy's even grown to like and accept him, allowing him to come half a foot away from her before getting a hiss. Friends? Possibly.

I'll keep you updated on what happens to Alfie (whether he's a he or a she we're not sure, but Alfie fits for now). It'll be a shame to see him go, but I'd like to know he has a home. Who knows, maybe we could find space for another mog here...

A cat's life...

She just looks so content.

Cat Pap - Church Street, N16

This friendly beast hangs out in a shop on Church Street. Go and say hi.

Its a hard life

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cat Cafe Seoul

Well, I must apologise in advance as to the size of this post, but there were just so many fucking beasts in this place, and It's my party and I'll meow if I want to, right?

This was the sign outside that first caught my attention, then I realised we were there - the holy grail.

You have to take off your shoes, and they give you cat themed slippas. This works for me on several levels. (I immediately purchased my own pair)

This is the little 'backstage' room they come out of - The Cat Hotel.

This is the cat menus. You get a little rundown of each fluff (male on one side, female on other) after you get shown to your table, plus a free drink on entry. I had a peach iced tea.

This is the Cat food vending machine where you can buy a multitude of kitty treats.

This is an advisory petting regime.

There were cats everywhere. all sleeping in multilayer cat trees.

It was so rad.

Here follows some cat portraits I made:

I even found a Korean 'Conquistador'.

Although very few people actually sit in their alotted seat (the middle of the floor is just full of young girls rolling around in a cat frenzy).. If you do, a furry friend may visit on their own terms. I did this as I was kind of overwhelmed at first and sat supping my iced tea and prayed for acceptance. After 5 mins or so, this was my first buddy. His name is Jerry, and he's an Abyssinian (sorrel) and was born in June 2008 (I read that on the menu)
Apparently he is "Affection - expression" and "climb the shoulder and bite"
I liked him a great deal.

This was my second friend. Shes called Ho-ya and is a Siamese Seal point and is 'Kindly'
Also a total radster, although couldnt keep still for pics and actually did some shoulder climbing too.

This guy was my personal fave. He looks like a little Lynx.

This is Ho-ya again. Aint she a beauty?

Some people were really greedy and had two to themselves.

They loved the dudes that worked there. No prizes for guessing why.

Overall. Excellent as expected.
I will say that as a concept, Cat Cafe's are great. It's designed for modern young apartment-dwelling urbanites who aren't allowed a fur of their own, although however nice it is to hang out with a hundred cats, it just doesn't equate to coming home to the greeting of you own best friend at the door.

That being said, Pegs and I will be in Tokyo this time next week, and if you thought this post was large, as Bachman Turner Overdrive put it. 'You aint seen nothin yet'.

P.S. These are the fur removers hanging up on the way out.

P.P.S. Video.


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