Monday, 5 April 2010

Cat Garden Party

Easter monday was spent in typical style round at Cat Party HQ...

We had a fairly lazy day, and decided to relocate to the garden to enjoy the minimal amount of sun that the afternoon provided.

Due to the cold weather, the cats have spent most of the last few months curled up inside and sleeping for as long as they possibly can (Snags is particularly good at this).

They almost seem a bit shell-shocked to be standing in the sun

It's not long before they begin to play, jumping in and out of the bushes (you can play 'spot the lurking beast' in the picture below).

Dexy decides to do a bit of sunbathing and warm up his giant mane.

Of course it's not long til he ends up having a little snooze.

Snags also decides to give some sunbathing a bit of a whirl (and does it with his usual 1000 yard stare still intact).

He sure is one crazy cat!

Good boys.

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  1. great fucking cat reportage here. i ♥ cats


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