Thursday, 1 April 2010

February's TOP CAT Winner

Cat Party Admin is pleased to announce the latest winner in a now historic 'tail' of online cat based appreciation and competition.

The much lauded Top Cat post of the month prize goes to 'LUCIFER' by Fay Elizabeth.

She will be receiving the much coveted 'furry cup' shortly, and as usual will be supplying the nominations from March for the next round of competition.

It must be noted that not only did such a devilish beast help win her this prize, but certain comments where previously made of the strong intentions that Fay had towards Cat Party and claiming the holy chalice for her own one day.

Strong words and and a tough fight deserve big congratulations!

We would also like to commiserate Anna Bosworth (perhaps the keenest Cat Party member of them all) for coming in second with her superb Cat Pap (we want MORE Cat Paps), and also to FashionAlmanac for coming in third with the super-cute Harry and Alice.

It really was a close competition this month, which is great to see!

Cat Party Admin would like to thank all of you involved and shall leave you with these familiar but important words...

Keep Posting...

Keep Purring...

and most of all... Keep it Furry

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