Friday, 26 February 2010


Hay. This is my long-time-lurker-becomes-contributor post.
Sadly I am not allowed furry friends inside my one room house, so every now and then I venture back to my mum and dads abode where this beast lurks:

His name is Lucifer and he more than lives up to his name. He is terribly naughty, despite only having three legs. My parents only had him a few months when one night they found him cowering under my sisters bed with both of his back legs broken. The vet had to chop one of them off, but he managed to save the other and send Lucifer home right as rain.
Lucifer is very mischievous, he tortures our elderly cat Spider by hiding behind sofas, or top of tables and then launching himself on top of her, we think he may be trying to romance her, he obviously likes older women. 
I'll leave you with this image I took after tucking a bad Lucifer up early to bed one night:


  1. superb post! that is a great beats indeed...Lurker of chalice..

  2. Prince of demons. The dark lord. Ruler of the underworld and now of cat party. The best.


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