Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cat Pap - Harper St

Just moved into my new house in Northcote, Mebourne and went on quite an extensive Cat Pap™ mission last night to no avail.

However, just a few doors down on my way back I spotted a black wide-eyed beast staring at me though the window from the distant comfort of his sofa arm. He seemed to know I was hunting him from the look of smug self-assuredness on his catty mug. I immediately resolved to never rest until I had papped the creature, fist in the air as the wind howled around my ears and lightning struck the ground yards away (wasn't actually QUITE that dramatic, but it felt like it at the time).
I have a bit of a history of becoming quickly obsessed when I spot a new cat pap I can't conquer, and so I was pleasantly surprised after a fitful night at number 15 Harper St to step out my door and turn to the right to see this sorrowful looking feline perched by the neighbours front door.

It was certainly the one from last night.!

Yes there is a cat in this picture.

Turns out he's actually a total radster and came over for a chat, completely ignoring the horrific yapping of a rank little weasel faced dog that lived at the house he was stooping on for the afternoon.

Expect more from this one.. I have an emergency tin of Salmon and Tuna 'Purr' ready to crack open in case he fancies venturing inside ours.

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  1. update.

    That emergency tin was used up this evening in a fleeting and nervous yet full bellied visit from our friend here into number 15's hallway.

    It's only a matter of time my friends.


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