Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dexter's Funny Sleeping Habits: Part IV - 'Hands Up'

Welcome to the fourth instalment of "Dexter's Funny Sleeping Habits".

In Part I we saw Dexter's stretching capabilities as Mr Long

In Part II we saw his dreams of saving the world as Supercat

In Part III we saw his camp sensibilites as The Teapot

Now in part IV, we see a more criminal, yet honest side to Dexy.
He appears to be holding his hands up, as if coming clean to having committed a crime.

All I wonder is what crime this could be .... not sleeping enough? forgetting to say miaow? turning down fish? making friends with a dog?!

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  1. h ah aha hahahahahaah

    GOD i want a cat. life is unfair x


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