Monday, 15 February 2010

January's TOP CAT Nominations Announced!!!

Cat Party Admin are pleased to announce that this month's 'Top Cat' competition is now OPEN!!!

Duffy Brown - our winner from last month, has had a furry tough job choosing his top ten, after January was our biggest and best month yet, with a total of 72 posts!

Although February started as a very bleak month, we want to see the momentum from January re-gained and keep the spirit of Cat Party going strong. Keep the posts coming!

Duffy Brown in fact lives at Cat Party HQ so we had no problem in awarding the mug his mug!

We are pleased to let you know that he has been enjoying drinking from the furry cup on a daily basis (waaay more than he usually gets to).

Before we let you loose on the shortlist, we would like to make the point AGAIN, that cheating will of course, result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

We are aware of certain methods, and like to think of Cat Party as a democat-ic society... Not one that allows cheating.

To save myself the boring task of explaining any more, I shall simply quote from earlier in the month (when we disqualified one of our contributors 'Punkass'):

"This blog is meant to be a bit of fun and an innocent celebration of love for our furry friends, and fucking about with a good natured competition is really quite pointless. Cat Party loves a bit of fun as much as the next cat, but lets try and keep with the spirit of the blog here guys..."

To keep things open and fair, we encourage self-promotion.

If you want to email your whole address book and go mental getting people to vote for you, then great ;-)

More people will visit Cat Party that way too.


Please glance your eyes to the right hand side to see which posts (and which furry beasts) made the grade.


As usual the next winner will receive a 'Top Cat' mug and will curate the posts for next month's competition.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and please ... keep it furry.

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  1. One day... I will have me one of those mugs. You mark my words.


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