Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cat Banner Party

Greetings Catholics...

Here at Cat Party HQ we feel terribly proud to now have so many lovely contributors and so many new furry friends. From what started as a joke blog in 2008 between the 2 of us to post pictures of our cats on has turned into a worldwide Cat FESTIVAL, let alone Party....

We are continually looking for ways to improve the blog and show our gratitude for all your contributions, and in the next few months we're planning some pretty cool stuff in and outside the blog for all to enjoy. That said, however, today I think it'd be nice if you give us stuff instead.... Cos we're lazy like cats.

It has occurred to us recently that from a creative point of view there's a pretty strong lineup from our brood of 70+ contributors. Top photographers, filmmakers, artists, fashion designers, seamstress' you name it, we have it in spades (says something about the nature of Cat people I think you'll agree!).

Anyway as a product of this observation we are making an official call for submissions of designs for our 'Cat Party' banner. As you can see above the original banner has served us well, and will always be a staple of the Cat Party aesthetic, however, we feel that it's time for a change, and we're hoping that you all, if you so wish would like to add your personal touch.

For now the rules are quite simple. Using any medium you wish, create a design that you feel encapsulates the Cat Party ideal. Entries should be original content as much as possible, however feel free to submit drawings, collages, photo-montages; crochet a cat tea-party and take a photo of it, whatever - the only thing we ask is that you leave space for our 'Cat Party' logo to fit on it somewhere.

I have made a quick mock up of a banner with the logo on as an example:

Please send your submissions or any questions to us at when you are ready, and we will compile the entries and feature them as guest banners on the blog in the months to come.

Thanks again everyone, and here's to 2010!

Cat Party Admin.
(keep it furry)

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