Monday, 27 September 2010

Cat Pap - Bedford Ave, Opposite Deli

A lot friendlier than her associate over the road..

Our boys

I feel like for the past couple of months I have neglected these two fine beasts from cat party, and am sad that I'm not allowing the cat party audience to see how truly lovely they are. Here are some beautiful pictures of our boys doing what they do best, be CATS (which of course involves sleeping on things which you are trying to use, i.e chair, computer and books)

Sorry for the lack of posting cat party, more to follow soon I promise.
(photography by Tilly Strang)


Here is Svetlana demonstrating one of her favourite activities: the Sideways Crawl. Initiated witha good tummy rub, excess soon kicks in, and she pulls herself sideways along the carpet, using her enormous claws, with a psychotic look of pleasure on her face. It really resembles swimming.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Evil Lennifer

When I went up to check on Snags (see post below), I had found the two furballs curled up in the cupboard together, so I went back downstairs to grab my camera... when I got back upstairs I found that Lennifer had actually jumped out of the pile of clothes and decided to lie in the shape of a slug on the floor...

It was at this point that I realised that although Lennifer does not come across as a truly intelligent being (some might even say that she's a total spazz), it could be quite possible that she is in fact, an evil genius.

Look how menacing her face is in this next photo...

Here she appears to be scratching herself like a normal cat...

BUT here she appears to look like an evil overlord...

Maybe her and Snags are really fooling us all, and could be the next Pinky and the Brain?

(Maybe not)

Coma Cupboard

Those of you that are familiar with the elusive Snaggarelli beast will know that he is quite partial to a bit of a kip...

I just went upstairs to see how he was doing, and as usual, he was in his favourite adopted snoozing zone of the clothes cupboard.

I thought even though he's asleep, I'd go in for a classic bit of chinny chin anyway...

This didn't seem to rouse the beast that much... fact, the flash of my camera hardly broke the beast from his slumber, except for the partial opening of his oh-so-heavy eyelids.

Until dinner time in a couple of hours, all Snags needs to concentrate on is... uh... nothing.



I made the trip over to SW London yesterday to visit my grandma ... she's a big fan of cats too, so we always have a bit of a conversation about our love for furry friends.

As often happens with a lot of old ladies, she gets visited by a local cat and she often gives him a snack or a bowl of water.

I'd actually papped this cat before, but never known that he was called Panda. Good name, I reckon.

Things got a little crazy at Spring Break..

Introducing Munch. Pictured here chilling after a heavy weekend

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Furry Tales - Topsy Sevs

We at Cat Party HQ have come up with a new feature we are calling 'Furry Tales'. Some of the more astute cat fans out there might spot a clever play on words in the title.

Put simply - we interview someone about their family cat or any other furry friend as long as it's in its dotage and has some stories to tell.

We are celebrating the lives of our geriatric fluffy pals and accompanying the interview with photos of the beast from kittenhood to catulthood.

First up is Al Sevs with her Cat 'Topsy', who currently resides in Stratford Upon Avon, and is 16 years young.

If you fancy having your friend featured in the next 'Furry Tales', email us: Fanks.

CAT PARTY - Hi Al Sevs, are you excited to be the first 'Furry Tales' on Cat Party?

AL SEVS - Yes but I'm worried, cos she's so old, she isn't as good as the other cats :(

CP - That's bollocks! She is great..

AS - She can't keep her tail upright.. she tries for about 2 seconds every time she stands up, then it flops backwards. She looks so decrepid compared to them, the other posters will "lol" at her.

CP - That's nonsence, old cat's are the best, that's why we're doing this interview, and besides... theres no 'lol' on cat party. Its more refined.

AS - If she was a lol cat I would call her Catford upon Avon.

Topsy's tail strength deficiency is clearly displayed here.

CP - Was she called Topsy from Enid Blighton?

AS - She was already called Topsy when we got her from the RSPCA. She had a paw print and her name next to her cage.
The RSPCA we got her from was next to the River Ouse, and I got scared that they would throw her in the river if we didn't get her.
My mum said we couldn't have her and I cried uncontrollably for 3 days because I loved her - but little sobby tears not bawling bratty ones, so we went back.

Deeply involved in a game of chess against the sofa.

CP - So she's your cat?

AS - Yes, but my mum won't let me have her down here - she thinks she is too old. Plus she's bulimic, and she poos behind the piano.
She was sick in my room this morning, too many dreamies. She LOVES dreamies

CP -Dreamies?

AS - Cat treats, Duh? They are orange square pocket things.

CP - Oh I see, I use Whiskers Temptations. If Topsy was a famous person, who would she be?

AS - Joan Collins, cos she hates men. Infact I am probably the only person she lets touch her.

Topsy with her beloved 'Dreamies'

CP - Anything else we need to know?

AS - She's only had one friend, a cat called Maxwell. My brother and I made up a theme tune for Maxwell and they used to sit together until we moved and she got super sad. In fact, maybe she's more like Queen Victoria.

CP - Is she a haemophilic? Queen Victoria was a very famous haemophilic. Although women are only carriers..... She infected most of the royal lineage of Western Europe. That's their own fault for inbreeding tho.
Cat Party history lesson.

AS - She's not a haemophilic, but she's not very well at the moment, she won't eat anthing except dreamies. Oh and she'll eat ham if my mum hand feeds her it.

CP - What kind of music does she like?

AS - She likes classical music.

CP - Anything specific?

AS - Yes she like 'The Four Seasons' cos that's what they play her in the cattery. She has a heated cushion and they play her Vivaldi.

CP - She sounds like a very lucky beast.

Cat party Seattle

This little guy belongs to a lovely lady on a farm. He was rescued as a kitten and domesticated and now likes roving around the farm and then coming in to snooze on his own personal cat chair. Yes this cat has his own chair.

This dude was in a massive pet supermarket. He was really friendly. I felt so sorry for him all crammed in his tiny cage. I gave him a good ten minutes if chinny chin to make up for being squished into such a tiny space.

This guy is just plain missing.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The hunt

I found these cats in a friend's house chewing on some dried out roses. The roses were all tough, like the cats, and absolutely nothing could keep them away from them. Maybe they were sharpening their gnashers before another day's hunt through London Fields...

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cat Pap E8

Got sexed up in the sunshine on the sidewalk by this schmoozey floozey fury feline - LOLOGICAL

Cat Pap - Lyme Grove, Hackney

Bumped into this insanely friendly Chocolate Point Siamese this morning in Hackney. He was very old but still kickin it pretty hard.

Clear here for where to find the beast.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Introducing Florence

After a year of looking after other cats (Ocicat Maz, adorable rescue cat Roy, lady Betty and Cooper the white-socked kitten) on Saturday 17 July, I finally got my own. Florence is a beautiful tabby with long legs, a spotty tummy, black tufts on the tips of her ears and a fawn coloured cross on her back.



Thursday, 9 September 2010


Found an old video of the fluff brigade preening from about a year ago. Interesting to note that even though the fur lineup has completely changed now in Cat Party HQ, the everyday scenes you come across differ very little. Lazy Fluffy Shits.


Farley maxing out, chillin & relaxing on my wax cushions

(Photo c/o his mummy Teo)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lady Lennifer

The sharp CP followers amongst you will have noticed something different over the last couple of days....

This difference I speak of involves one feline in particular .... the artist formerly known as Goose and now formally known as LENNIFER!

"Lennifer?!" I hear you say - "Do you mean Lenny?"

YES I mean Lenny, HOWEVER it turns out that Lenny's full name is now Lennifer seeing as SHE is a GIRL!

After taking the beast into the vets to be neutered on monday morning, they rang me an hour or so later to inform me that they could go ahead with the procedure, however Lenny was not a he, but infact a she-beast!

The vets that Lenny (or Goose at the time) was taken to originally as a tiny kitten seem to have got it all wrong (and I never delved in to check .... 'tis one fluffy fur-lined area down there).... the funniest thing about all this is that Lenny's mum is a very similar case of mistaken identity, in that SHE is called Clive.

They are one loveable but confused family of felines!

Here we can see Lennifer showing off her femine ways by swishing her big sexy tail about in a very ladylike manner:

...and here we we can see her sleeping off the pains of the operation (and showing off that not only is her fur stripey, but so is her skin underneath).

SHE is a CAT.


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