Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lady Lennifer

The sharp CP followers amongst you will have noticed something different over the last couple of days....

This difference I speak of involves one feline in particular .... the artist formerly known as Goose and now formally known as LENNIFER!

"Lennifer?!" I hear you say - "Do you mean Lenny?"

YES I mean Lenny, HOWEVER it turns out that Lenny's full name is now Lennifer seeing as SHE is a GIRL!

After taking the beast into the vets to be neutered on monday morning, they rang me an hour or so later to inform me that they could go ahead with the procedure, however Lenny was not a he, but infact a she-beast!

The vets that Lenny (or Goose at the time) was taken to originally as a tiny kitten seem to have got it all wrong (and I never delved in to check .... 'tis one fluffy fur-lined area down there).... the funniest thing about all this is that Lenny's mum is a very similar case of mistaken identity, in that SHE is called Clive.

They are one loveable but confused family of felines!

Here we can see Lennifer showing off her femine ways by swishing her big sexy tail about in a very ladylike manner:

...and here we we can see her sleeping off the pains of the operation (and showing off that not only is her fur stripey, but so is her skin underneath).

SHE is a CAT.


  1. I'm certain this is the best thing ever - JUST LIKE HER MUM!!! She's looking more and more like Clive now, doing the massive ridiculous tail thing particularly well....

  2. cutie wootie (yes I know that language is against cat party policy) but OMG sooo like super LOL cuteeee :)


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