Sunday, 28 March 2010

Big Momma Clivey

On behalf of Cat Party, I would like to officially congratulate both Clive (and Chud) for the successful birth of 3 tiny furry little kittens on Friday night!

I made sure to go and visit the mini-beasts yesterday (when they weren't even a day old!) and took these photos.

It's mental how big Clive looks in comparison to her litter, when she normally seems so tiny. It was scary to hear that she got pregnant as she is so young and small, but I'm glad she pulled through ok.

Although this event has been an emotional one for all involved, it effects me on a very personal level as Chud has asked me if I would like one of the three for myself. Thanks, man :)

Since the death of Nacho I haven't wanted to think too much about getting a new beast too soon, but this feels like the cat gods are telling me something.

Plus when I saw those stripey legs, I was sold.


  1. Awesome fotos. Met these guys too and they are fucking small. The mum seemed in shock, she is a cute mum.

  2. MIAOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess we'll be seeing alot more of this stripey chap then...........brill!

    Who's adopting the other 2?

  3. I think Chud is keeping one and the other one is going somewhere I can't confirm quite yet ;-)

  4. Chud has given me one!
    I'm struck with happiness, I cried when I was first told.
    They are all so beautiful, mine is No.1...mainly black with white legs and belly!
    All we need to find out now is what sex they are?

    Thanks Chud again for bringing this new found lovely beast into my life, its the best present ever!

    plus Chud is keeping the other one!


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