Friday, 19 March 2010

The Muslim Cats

The Muslim Cats

I know I have put loadsa photos of these two on here ....but here are some more!

My family are pretty strict muslims and my mum goes out of her way to get her meat in bulk from the Halal butchers and store it all in an industrial freezer in our garage that looks like the meat aisle in a Saudi Arabian cash and carry because of the efforts she goes to keep us all well fed and pork free... there was no way that she was going to let our cats eat pigs either.

She found on close inspection that most pet food contains generic "meat" as well as all the saucy tasty flavours they go on about in the adverts that make me salivate over cat food, which is a pretty gross reality.

Anyway because of this my mum and dad have found like the ONLY cat food that is FISH ONLY and therefore that's what these huge beasts eat...and they eat alot of it. It also happens to be ridiculously pricey and only one shop sells it in a garden centre on the other side of town.

I'd also like to add that despite all these lengths and efforts my mother has gone to she still states that she "can't stand them" because they leave hair everywhere but when she calls me up her first question is always "how are the cats?" secret cat lover I think!

I have put it to my mum that the cats seem to kill anything that moves in the garden and Im pretty sure when they are throwing the mice in the air they aren't slaughtering them in the prescribed way, but bless her she feels that its important so I leave her to it!

I feel sorry they are on a Fish Only diet so I also feed them Halal Beef Bacon and Lebanese Lamb Sausages....and Girl cat seems to like licking biscuits and weirdly has a penchant for olives as well.

Think they look like the cat version of the Kray twins in this photo




  1. All that fish makes their coats so luscious!

  2. Excellent report Pauline - about time too!!! ;-)


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