Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Conquistador/Lagerfeld sighting Number 4

I happened upon this majestic gargoyle in Columbia road today, perched calmly on the front of a Mercedes, while rain fell all slow motion...and Eno played in the background.

Unfazed, the Great White One observed the passerby as much as they observed him. I thought I was privy to a uniquely rare piece of feline performance art, until Mr. Black Al alerted me to previous sightings of the same creature in the area.

But whatever, I'm not jealous you discovered him first Jim.

In fact since you've fucked off to Oz I'm re-naming him Lagerfeld, because I think he shares an unmistakable sense of composure and mystery with the eponymous Karl.



  1. hahahahahahahaha!!!

    (that's actual laughing - I don't do "LOL")

  2. Apart from Tina, this is my favourite cat on Cat Party

  3. i meant to raise this issue earlier, but i was in china and couldn't access Blogs.
    You have some real giant pair of balls coming onto my blog and re-naming my cat-stalks, Ukraine.
    I will however forgive you this time as you achieved a greater feat than i and managed to get some nice snaps of the majestic white whale cat.

    He's still called the conquistador tho. lets get that straight ok.


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