Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Just incase any of you are interested, we've started a new sister blog as a place to post all our favourite Catty pics and videos as non-original content is now banned on CP. Also we will be keeping everyone up to date on all the top Cat News from around the globe. Cat Party regulars may recognise a familiar fur pattern in the blog banner.
If anyone's interested in doing some field reporting for extra cat-credits.. sling us an email elgatofiesta@gmail.com

Also, some of you may have noticed we are now supporting 'Stumble upon' on Cat Party - Basically a great way for new people to find and enjoy our Feline Feista, so make sure you click on the weird blue and green symbol and pledge your undying allegiance to Cat Party.

Keep Purring - Keep Posting - Keep It Furry.

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