Monday, 8 March 2010

Vivienne the Cat

A little introduction to Vivienne the small Cat. 

Living up the road from the twice featured Winston the cat (Hi Jocelyn) Vivienne, a.k.a Viv to her mates, lives in Hackney. She is, we think, half tabby and half bengal (Fayncy!). With the cutest spotty tummy and back and a penchant for anything water-like, she is far from the average cat. She is bonkers in-fact.

(*She willingly posed for this pic unscathed and very content)

Her favorite activities include launching herself at door frames, drinking water from the tap (she taps it to indicate she'd like it on), Watching one in the bath, getting in the bath if given the chance and sitting on human shoulders. She has got to be in the mix of everything.
She's a lovable and very needy little thing. We often wonder if she'd do well with a feline buddy to come and live with us - I'm not too sure...Her litter tray is a stinker (It is always cleaned on the regs) however, I don't think we could stomach another kitty adding to the little stink bombs Viv likes to drop just at those poignant moments like dinner time. Nice.

She poses like a cat model! Funny little Viv.


  1. She's gorgeous! Would love to see her tapping the tap :)

  2. love it! Bless Viv! :o)


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