Friday, 19 March 2010

February's Top Cat Nominations Announced!

Cat Party Admin are pleased to announce that this month's 'Top Cat' competition is now OPEN!!!

Stephanie Sian Smith - Our winner from last month and co-owner of the famous RON has been busy compiling the shortlist for the infamous Cat Party 'TOP CAT' post of the month competition.

She has enlisted Ron's help in deciding which contributors deserve a place in the CP Hall of Fame.

Here she is guzzling from the warm furry cup after Cat Party Admin awarded her with said holy chalice.

The mug has pride of place Chez Ron and has found various uses around the house.....

It must be said that Ron does look like a TOP CAT indeed.

SO.... Please glance your eyes to the right hand side to see which posts (and which furry beasts) made the grade.


As has been said keep things open and fair, we encourage self-promotion.

As usual the next winner will receive a 'Top Cat' mug and will curate the posts for next month's competition.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and please ... keep it furry.

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