Friday, 5 March 2010

Meow Mix

Well howdedoo cat party!
I am very glad to introduce you to the meowsers in my life.
First and foremost. The main man in my life: Tony boney. This huge whopper of a feline we rescued from a cat shelter about 11 years ago. He was very teensy and had terrible cat flu. But weeks of mad love, being carried about in my cardigan and sleeping (whilst I was in motion might I add) around my neck proved to be the elixir of kitty life. Look what a regal and impressive gentleman he has grown into:
Yes he only ever has that one lengthy eyebrow. Would that be an eyebrow? It seems ridiculous to call it an eye whisker..quite dapper regardless.

The newest member of our family is tiny little Sophia (Mc fluffin). Whom my brother obtained under extremely mysterious circumstances. Apparently he simply "discovered" her in his car. Pretty shifty behaviour if you ask me. She was about as big as a tennis ball, pitch black and the ultra fluff kind. She is extremely violent and will attack anything that makes the slightest movement. She flies at you from hidey holes and latches on with tiny claws and teeth. It is especially alarming when fetching an early morning beverage when the first signs of an epic hangover make themselves known. Her domestic abuse issues aside, I have to forgive her
because she sleeps like this:
She loves to bully Tony. She is especially fond of biting his ears, tail and regal eyebrow. Her second favourite place to snooze is on to top of my father's impressive barrel stomach. He is the one person she does not try to maim. Obviously she loves his belly too much to injure him. I'm not bitter at all.


  1. Fancy seeing you here!
    I'm lovin the asymmetric eyebrow.

  2. Great pictures! They're reminding me of my cat "Midnight" awesome! I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them if you like.

    If you found my poetry interesting I would love it if you followed my blog of Idealism and justice.

  3. absolutely love this post, literally laughing out loud - especially at Sophia's 'Stop!Sleeepytime!' nap positions


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