Monday, 1 March 2010


Whats purring Cat Crew!

Cat Party is pleased to finally announce the arrival of a certain Donkey Ronald Jeremy into the much lauded hall of fame that is Cat Party's 'Top Cat - Post of the Month' competition.

No mean feat when you take into account Ron's continual loss in the monthly thrill's even more bizarre that the winning post not only doesn't come from Ron's key advocate Dan Wilton but from a relative newcomer to the blog, but also the winning snap flaunts Cat Party rule No. 4!

Given the circumstances, and positive that darling Ron made away with the despicable slavering savage soon after the photo was taken, Cat Party would like to congratulate young Stephanie Sian Smith and ask her to look forward to the much coveted 'furry cup' finally take pride of place on the mug tree in Gun St shortly.

As ever, Ms Smith will be championing the competition for next months tail-twitching tantalise-a-thon that is 'Top Cat', so look out for the voting madness to begin again within the next week or so.

Thanks again from Cat Party Admin -

Keep Posting
Keep Purring
and most of all...Keep it Furry


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