Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lazy Fluffy Shit 1

Hide and seek

Urchin and Roxanne - cats of Kalkan

This little girl became a regular visitor to our villa on holiday, I'm sure the tinned tuna had nothing to do with it.

I named her Urchin and decided that if she came back to London I'd rename her Fancy, to give her a confidence boost.

Every morning we would find her asleep on the sun lounger.

Then word got around...

Bright light

Here's Roy checking out our new cat lamp...

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Enough swoons to last a lifetime

Last Saturday, after waking with a mamoth hangover, I went for a snooze in our garden to soak up the sun. A little while later, I came back inside to see what my two favourite boys were up to. Generally, Morris has the ability to make me swoon anytime, even when doing a smelly poo in our vegetable patch, for example. However, I wasn't prepared for what I found when I went into our bedroom. The little guy had curled himself around his dad, and both were sound asleep in deep slumber. Cat spooning boy. Easily the biggest heart melter since Dumbo.

got a thirst on qualitron?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Floppy Poppy

Pussbridge has been suffering a bit in the recent hot weather. Having black fur doesn't help, I suppose. She's been waking up, walking a few steps to the nearest cool surface and flopping down with a look on her face that says 'ahhhhh yeahhhhh'.

Luckily she has discovered some shady spots outside, where she can cool off and watch birds at the same time. Now that's productive catting...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

St. Petersburg Cat Love

I went to St. Petersburg recently and discovered that cats and cat memorabilia are also rather frequent on the Russian streets..

This little guy was called Igor and he was the proud resident of the Hermitage, Russia's best-known art and culture museum in St. Petersburg. I think he would have only needed a cravat and a mini waistcoat to highlight his art-fuelled stature. Unfortunately, by the time we saw him he was knackered of showing off and spent the afternoon napping outside in the sun..

This little beast was just hanging out in the window all day watching all the toursit by-passers. I think his name was Caxap (Sugar in English).

And this is the stylish cat car that I saw behind the house where Caxap was living - smoooth. The owner was clearly prepared to go all the way to expose his love for cats :)

Mexican Shadow Beast

Popcorn Kittens

Big Beastie's Beauty Sleep

Cat Pap - Powerscroft Road, E5

I papped this fine beast about a week ago ... it's not hard with types like this.

(one of those beasts that just hangs outside the front of a house waiting for people to walk by and stroke em...)

If you're walking by the area then go say hi.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Living in a Box

This weeks outfit of choice.....customised cardboard.

Mr Long

In this heat there is only one way to sleep.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Its so hard to get anything done, when you have this fine beast to hang out with.

Especially when you leave the room for 5 seconds, and he's already opened up 20 new sequences in FCP and 12 new windows, then hid them all....clever boy!


Sophia was hollering whilst in one of the many boxes she likes to occupy.

Dang grrl!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bethnal Green's next top cat model

Afternoon all! I'm looking for some cat models for a little witch/cat shoot on Monday. Anyone out there got three docile black cats who'd be happy to do a bit of modelling? Ron's just too bloomin fluffy and ginger for it...

Will be in studio in Bethnal Green Monday daytime. Can pay travel + the poshest cat food around + catnip. Either comment here or email me yep

Maddy Bird Watching

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Not Long...

..and this amazing little beast will be mine... ALL MINE!!

Mwwwahahahahaha!!! :D

Cat Pap: N-Dubz

NW5 Moggy Styles

Monday, 17 May 2010

New Banners

The keen Cat Party followers among you will have noticed a few changes around these parts... we now have a new banner setup!

The banner image has changed from the old loveable (but quite frankly pilfered) image that can be found with a simple google image search of 'cat party'.

We decided that Cat Party is so proud of it's content being all original that the banner should be original too... we couldn't decide on one particular image (as we have had so many goodun's posted on here) that we decided to set it by some extremely clever code, to change in random order!

We have added a few of our faves so far, but will be adding loads more in the coming weeks... perhaps an incentive for you lot to get some corkers up ASAP.

We know that it is a little slow and needs to be made into a link, but it's all being worked on so don't worry ....

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Keep it Furry