Wednesday 12 May 2010

Cat Pap - Warminster Train Station

As you can see from this first picture, Warminster station is NOT an exciting place... it's very quiet, it has no shop, and it's in the middle of nowhere.

HOWEVER for those with a keen eye for a feline friend (me, obvs), it DOES have a cat that you can hang out with to help that boring waiting time pass with ease.

I spotted this grand fluffmeister just across the road from the front of the station, and immediately beckoned him over for a stroke and a bit of the old chinny chin.

He was a superb station cat and wasn't afraid to get involved.

Although i'm a sucker for any beast who's fluffy coat exudes such magnitude, I was particularly intrigued by his face. He looks like a ninja master ... maybe he's an old samurai (pizza) warrior cat, or something.


  1. Shit I spent ages in Tokyo trying to find some Samurai Pizza Cats merch to no avail.

  2. been here today, Caspar is the name of the cat, as reliably informed by the local taxi rank.- Have lifted the cat up and cuddled the cat in my arms I would say that Caspar is undoubtedly a female- there was certainly no sign of any extra tail, but then she is very fluffy. I only picked her up as she seemed to be playing Speed hump on the road to the car park. - We have written to National Rail to put cat in the list of station facilities. - she added to our purrfect day out.

  3. Possibly an old warrior of some sort. His (her?) left ear seems to have an old battle scar.

    Either that or s/he upset the station ticket collector...


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