Tuesday, 25 May 2010

St. Petersburg Cat Love

I went to St. Petersburg recently and discovered that cats and cat memorabilia are also rather frequent on the Russian streets..

This little guy was called Igor and he was the proud resident of the Hermitage, Russia's best-known art and culture museum in St. Petersburg. I think he would have only needed a cravat and a mini waistcoat to highlight his art-fuelled stature. Unfortunately, by the time we saw him he was knackered of showing off and spent the afternoon napping outside in the sun..

This little beast was just hanging out in the window all day watching all the toursit by-passers. I think his name was Caxap (Sugar in English).

And this is the stylish cat car that I saw behind the house where Caxap was living - smoooth. The owner was clearly prepared to go all the way to expose his love for cats :)

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