Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mummy Clive wins TOP CAT post of the month

Cat Party Admin is pleased to announce MUMMY CLIVE as the lastest winner of TOP CAT post of the month!

This post was the clear winner from the start and is quite possibly the best photo ever to be seen on Cat Party. Pretty amazing - well done to Amy!

Not only is the imagery of a top standard, but the story of The Clivester and her new found motherly ways is quite something too. Good on the furry old (young) girl.

The little furry face in the background is a special one too - I think (but i'm not sure) that it might well be my 'cat to be' ... soon to grace the halls of Cat Party HQ.

This win also sets a historical landmark in the Cat Party hall of fame as Clive is the only cat to have appeared twice in a winning Top Cat post. The keen followers amongst you will know that she originally won as 'Wizard Clive'.

It should be noted however that this is a not a popularity contest for 'best cat', but a search for the best of the best of cat-based blogging.

Anyway.... we shall be making up Amy's top cat mug this week. Watch this space for her nominations from April's posts.

Cat Party Admin would like to thank all of you involved and shall leave you with these familiar but important words...

Keep Posting...

Keep Purring...

and most of all... Keep it Furry

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  1. Definitely a Close Encounter of Furred Kind


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