Tuesday, 1 December 2009

'Top Cat' Post of the Month WINNER! Wizard Clive by Taskforce

It's been a VERY heated month here at CP. Our second 'Top Cat' Post of the Month competition got underway, and after an extremely furry rollercoaster of a competition we are now pleased to announce the winner!!

Wizard Clive by Taskforce

Congratulations to both Clive and Taskforce (and to Chud the owner)!

Not only does Taskforce receive a personalised 'Top Cat' Cat Party mug she will now be given the pleasure of curating the competition for this month. We will ask her to choose her top 10 posts from November and we should see these go up within the next week or so.

Thanks to all involved - we received an insane amount of visitors and votes over the last month (and especially over the last few days). Our hit counter has smashed passed the 17,000 mark with over 100 unique users visiting us on most days!

Once again - Ron and Dan put up a hell of a cat-fight until the very end. They must be congratulated for coming in as runner up two months in a row.

We'd also like to welcome all the new contributors that we've had this month and look forward to seeing some new 'Top Cat' contenders come rolling in... We currently have over 50 contributors!

Keep the posts coming, and remember to KEEP IT FURRY.


  1. Thank you everyone who voted for Clive. I'm sorry Ron didn't win, but clive is a very happy catty...fresh fish for dinner!

    Thanks Again, the next ten cats will be up soon for Novembers vote, its going to be a toughy.

    Taskforce xx


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