Wednesday, 30 September 2009

'Top Cat' Post of the Month competition

It's been an exciting month here at Cat Party. Early on in September, we reached the 6000 mark on our hit counter... and now, at the end of the month we're looming on 7000. We've had an influx of new contributors; had some drama with poorly judged posting; and welcomed a shamed blogger back with open paws.

Most importantly, we've had a record number of posts (55), of an ever increasing quality and Cat Party Admin would like to thank all of you for your contributions.

As a result of this, we called a board meeting this evening, and are pleased to announce the first of a new monthly competition here at Cat Party.

'Top Cat Post of the Month'

At the end of each month, we will select the top ten posts and offer them up for voting by Cat committee.

See the panel on the right for the contenders, and be sure to place your votes beneath.

Cat Party Admin.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and keep it furry.

CAT PAP - Marmalade

Ok, so starting the new posting scheme 'Cat Pap'.. im gonna put up these old pics of one of the best neighbourhood cats ever.
When we 1st moved to London this ginger beast lived between us and the local Pub, which led to many late night drunken strokings.. He's called Marmalade for obvious reasons, and he resides on Approach Rd, in Bethnal Green if anyone wants to take a visit.
Pictures arent great, but I'm sure we have some killer ones somewhere of this beast we'll try and dig out.

Columbia Road Moggy

I have noticed this chap cropping up in different places online recently - including here!  I took this picture exactly 2 years ago on 30 Sept 2007 so perhaps its fair to say he is an institution?!  

I suggest we instigate a sightings spot on Cat Party dedicated to this snowy soft sun-bathing showman.  All in favour?  (London residents only I guess, sorry)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Facebook Group

In a further quest to 'expand the brand', we have now created a Facebook group for Cat Party.

Click on the link to join!

Come my fanatics....

Toots' seeminlgy endless hunger finally satiated after 2 dinners and half a dozen kitten treats, she takes time out for a snooze.

Jef Leppard

I like this picture cos it shows off Nacho's big stripey tail, but also because it shows that he is already looking to follow in my footsteps, and learn the drums :D

Monday, 28 September 2009


This is Digger, my Mum's cat. He turned up in the garden about 12 years ago and never left.

Bless This Blind Kitty

This unfortunate yet fortunate soul lives in Beijing and his name is Jiggy

He was found as a stray tiny kitten in quite a bad way.
My sister out of law and her two young children picked him up and took him home to take care of him.

Sadly the little blighter had a terrible eye infection that had caused so much damage that his eyes had to be removed after a course of antibiotics to clear up his inflamtion and infection

He now lives happily (although slightly terrorised by a toddler who loves him to death and a baby who likes to pull his tail) in an apartment in Beijing.

Although he is blind he can find his way to the litter tray and of course like every self respecting feline he has no problems finding the food!

Kemi the killer cat!

This is Kemi, I love her but she is the Devil. This look of 'I might launch at your face if you keep taking photos of me' is pretty much her standard expression.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Nice to meet you!

Hello, my name is Gut Mei. Nice to meet you all.

Cat Party LIVE

No stranger to technology.. CAT PARTY is pleased to announce live CP updates via the medium of Twitter.
Keep up to date with Cat Party action and general Cat news Worldwide...!

Puppy Love

I know im gonna get overshadowed by this afternoons cat-on-squirrel bonanza.. but i just wanted to announce that i think Snags and Toots are now officially going out.
They are pretty much inseparable as it is, but this morning snags was chilling on my bed, and Toots came racing in looking terrified and followed by Ozzy who was hissing at her (she bullies her quite a lot). Snags saw this and immediately got up, stalked over to Ozzy heckles raised and clouted her round the face. Ozzy legged it and Snags turned round and gave Toots a lick. That in my book is 'Standing up for your bird'... thats what bloke cats say when they are in love.

Cat/Squirrel face off

Okay, so there I am doing my teeth when from downstairs I get summoned to check something out. This sounds serious so down I rush and I'm confronted by Nacho who has managed to corner this poor little squirrel (haha, good boy Nacho). Apparently Nacho was chasing the little bugger around but I missed that. So Squirrel manages to get off the ground and just runs along the iron bar making pretty unhappy noises, basically, he's bricking it. Then out saunters Dexy to check out the kerfuffle. Unlucky Squirrel. Eventually we had to throw water around the cats to give Squirrel a chance to get away. That squirrel won't be showing his face around our gaff any time soon....

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Male Socks

CP regulars will already be familiar with another Socks that belongs to my family. She's old and gone a bit mad... This however, is a different beast and belongs to the family of my friend Dave. Look at that expression - a total badass.

Socks is quite a common name for cats - I guess because they often have different coloured paws to their limbs.

Some good cat trivia here: former U.S. President Bill Clinton's family's cat (RIP) also went by the same moniker.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Monday, 14 September 2009

The old girl

Well into her teens now, Socks was born back in 1994. Blind in one eye, deaf, and suffering from feline dementia she still manages to enjoy the finer things in life - sitting on laps in the evening, catching birds and lying in the sun.

The Sphinx

Been trying to get a photo of this fucker for 2 weeks now and was finally successful on Sat night after much hunting found him in the wheel arch of our van. Gave him a sachet of posh cat food which he turned his nose up at. Apparently he's a pedigree Egyptian cat or something. Whatever he is, I like him, and this has a lot to do with the fact that he did a shit on the Dirts bed the first day he moved in and moments after the fresh bedding had been applied. He looks pretty evil in this photo due to the glowing eyes. I'm only posting evil cats today.

Grumpy & Stumpy

This old boy lives in Hackney city farm, and is a right old grumpy shit. Maybe cos hes lost most of his tail. Maybe a pig ate it or something.

Satanic Whiskers

Not sure why the photo came out like this but it looks like a Doom album cover and its got a cat in it so it pretty much rules everything

Black Snaggath

yeah.. what does your cat listen to?


My friends Teo and Andy's pride and joy.
(Photos from the owners...........I know I'm not sticking to Cat Party rules as the images are not mine, but hopefully there will be allowances and consideration as I just wanted to share this fluff ball. I don't want to be responsible for another breach of conduct and instigate a second episode of opposition)

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