Wednesday, 9 September 2009


this is Lydia Lunch's cat Buster.

hes pretty cool.. acts super friendly to lure you in.. he look like this at first:

then when you get close enough he either hisses or swipes... if you walk past he'll go out of his way to claw your leg. Lydia later showed how if you come from below, not above, as in if you put a hand in from under his eye level, hes totally cool to let you stroke him. Maybe he has a complex. Maybe he's just mental.... you'd have to be to live in a flat with Lydia and her Husband who has a penchant for building home made bombs.

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  1. Buster is much better now, he's still got his mean streak but has softened up in his older years. He now lives with my husband and me. I love to see these old pictures of him.


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