Wednesday, 9 September 2009

My Blue Coloured Cats

They aren't really mine, I have inherited them from my sister as she has deserted them and left the country for warmer climes where these beasts would surely perish!

They are pretty lazy and really don't like to exert themselves in anyway. They do not move dantily like normal cats that seem to jump and slink about all sexy like....mine are big brutes that make a great big thud when they hit the floor.

The girl one did learn how to hunt and killed everything in sight including a whole blackbird nest with all the baby blackbirds in it...I was proud in a brutal chav parent kind of way.

They are called the Bulldog of the cat world, which basically means they are beefy and walk funny.

They have been around since the Roman times (not these actual specimens) and the British shorthair was the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland because they have got fat whisker pads that make them look like they are smiling.

The sad story of these cats is that my sister gave them possibly the worst cat names ...not even cat names...stupid names...
So I have renamed them simply : Girl Cat and Boy Cat, it seems a little heartless not to have a proper name but it does seem to suit them!


  1. fucking excellent post, pualine.

  2. These are my favourite breed of cat. I want one and would call it Beefy.

  3. guessing the high profile post on cat party has led to more work - too similar for words!

  4. Almond formed, the color of the eyes of Siamese kitties can be figured out at around 8 weeks of age. 4 standard colors are acknowledged for program, lilac, blue, chocolate and seal. Siamese kitties are white when born, however in a couple of days small markings appear on tail, ears, and paws. names for orange cats


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