Friday, 25 September 2009

Cat/Squirrel face off

Okay, so there I am doing my teeth when from downstairs I get summoned to check something out. This sounds serious so down I rush and I'm confronted by Nacho who has managed to corner this poor little squirrel (haha, good boy Nacho). Apparently Nacho was chasing the little bugger around but I missed that. So Squirrel manages to get off the ground and just runs along the iron bar making pretty unhappy noises, basically, he's bricking it. Then out saunters Dexy to check out the kerfuffle. Unlucky Squirrel. Eventually we had to throw water around the cats to give Squirrel a chance to get away. That squirrel won't be showing his face around our gaff any time soon....


  1. And all he wanted was a tomato sandwich!!!!


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