Monday, 28 September 2009

Bless This Blind Kitty

This unfortunate yet fortunate soul lives in Beijing and his name is Jiggy

He was found as a stray tiny kitten in quite a bad way.
My sister out of law and her two young children picked him up and took him home to take care of him.

Sadly the little blighter had a terrible eye infection that had caused so much damage that his eyes had to be removed after a course of antibiotics to clear up his inflamtion and infection

He now lives happily (although slightly terrorised by a toddler who loves him to death and a baby who likes to pull his tail) in an apartment in Beijing.

Although he is blind he can find his way to the litter tray and of course like every self respecting feline he has no problems finding the food!


  1. Bless those people for taking him in!

    He managed to catch a huge mouse the other day !
    Not bad for a cat that can't see!


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