Wednesday, 30 September 2009

'Top Cat' Post of the Month competition

It's been an exciting month here at Cat Party. Early on in September, we reached the 6000 mark on our hit counter... and now, at the end of the month we're looming on 7000. We've had an influx of new contributors; had some drama with poorly judged posting; and welcomed a shamed blogger back with open paws.

Most importantly, we've had a record number of posts (55), of an ever increasing quality and Cat Party Admin would like to thank all of you for your contributions.

As a result of this, we called a board meeting this evening, and are pleased to announce the first of a new monthly competition here at Cat Party.

'Top Cat Post of the Month'

At the end of each month, we will select the top ten posts and offer them up for voting by Cat committee.

See the panel on the right for the contenders, and be sure to place your votes beneath.

Cat Party Admin.

Spread the word, obey the rules, and keep it furry.


  1. weird that 30% of the nominees for the post of the month are from cat party admin... think in future months they should be exempt from entering as admin choose who go through

    disgruntled of shoreditch

  2. We chose the top ten best posts from that month... end of story.

    Stop stirring .... you're already on a warning.

    Cat Party Admin

  3. i cnt believe you lot, im spoiling for a fight today, so be careful

    i think it is a fair comment with minimal stirring (for me)

    you so quickly forget all the good ideas (twitter, facebook), posts (endless and international) and contributors (with more in the pipeline) i bring you

    still have my cat party suicide note...

    and you forget that i could easily control your freelance work - mmmmwwwwwaaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa

  4. If people are actually bothered by this I'm happy to not be entered for the comp. Although it would be a big shame, with my gigantic 3% of the vote, i'd surely be sorely missed!

    Either way, it would mean we'd be expecting some pretty serious entries from the rest of you.... Can't help but notice you've been a tad quiet on the posting front recently 'secret cat lover'.... If only you were similarly vocal in your constant critiquing of the blog! There appears to be a trend here I tend to refer to as 'all mouth and no trousers'. (all miaow and no whiskers? - i dunno'...

    CP Admin

  5. 1. unfortunately i do not have a cat and cannot get a cat as do not have a garden (not fair keeping them cooped up) therefore limited cat photos opps

    2. recently i have turned my hand to promotional activities (facebook, twitter) and recruiting new members (daisy, micro emma, nicola in the last month or so)

    3. it was a request for the next competition

    4. you love these arguments - generates traffic - check your stats

    5. i REALLY want a cat party mug, with ADMIN on it

    6. the phrase for girls is 'fur coat no knickers'

  6. I think what this really boils down to is point number 5 ... the much coveted prize of the Cat Party 'Top Cat' mug.

    Keep the votes coming people!

  7. do you have a camera? a camera phone?

    two words.... CAT PAP.

    get onto the streets. it aint hard love..they're everywhere, and stop stirring trouble. this is a peaceful blog. We promote Cat well-being and adoration, we are not interested in petty squabbling. If you want to pursue this avenue, start your own blog entitled 'Secret trouble maker' or 'Am I really as annoying as this?'

    just a thought.

  8. im hurt

    i cycle everywhere without a camera, so cat pap isnt that simple

    will just wield my freelance distribution powers instead - im looking at you black boy

  9. Secret - just for you:

    Photo from a bike would get my vote...


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