Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lithuanian Cat Party

Kitce - A giant white beast and a very vocal house cat.
She had just taken on the job of body guard to twin babies.

These two were wild cats that hung around an area where ferries came over to the Curonian Spit from mainland Lithuania.

This is Eziukas - if you are a keen Cat Party goer then you will recognize this little one, and know that the name means 'Little Hedgehog'. I should also point out that it is a she, not a he.

This next guy was super friendly. I named him Black Claw.

I found this cat sitting in a flower bed in the middle of a park in the capital, Vilnius. It hissed and was NOT friendly.

These two kittens hung out by a house on a lake, and were very shy.

A mangy but friendly, old feral cat I found sitting nearby Trakai Castle.

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