Sunday, 28 March 2010

798 Cat Paps

Ok, so I didn't actually get 798 Cat Paps, this in fact refers to an area in Beijing called the '798 Art Zone', an artist community in the Chaoyang District where we went last week to interview Sun Yuan and Peng Yu.... a conceptual art couple. If you don't know their work, I suggest you check it out, its pretty great.
Of more cultural importance though, as always, was that they had a fine young fluff in their studio and here he is:

He was quite timid at first, then once he got used to our smell he started to get loved up and even sauntered into the shot whilst we were filming, trying desperately to get onto the lap of the host as she politely tried to wave him off whilst nodding nervously - balls I forgot to get a screengrab, I will do that.

Then on the way to their warehouse to film buckets of fake sick, slipper launching machines and geriatric UN leaders in freight containers we crossed through an area resembling a 1980's Beirut - where I found possibly the mangiest beast of all time leaping between the rubble and yelping at me loudly if I got too close. He looked like the bum-version of the hip art cat and was pretty filthy but seemed happy enough.

THEN we went back to 798 for dinner and I found this gringo chilling by the entrance.

To top the day off, as we were flagging down our driver, I saw a flash of tail under a car and followed it round to find this brute whisking a chicken bone off into the alley.

Pretty successful day, no?


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