Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cat Pap - The Conquistador Returns

Cat party regulars will be familiar with my quest to capture the great white cat-whale I call 'The Conquistador'.
Well.... I've been back over 3 months now and every day as I pass down Columbia Rd I keep my eyes peeled for the huge beast that resides just at the start of the cobbled rd.
A few weeks ago after another fruitless scouting mission I kind of resigned myself to the fact that he'd probably been run over or killed somehow, considering he appears to be indifferent in the face of any other thing, living or not, and may well have challenged some absent minded granny in an urban 4X4 and finally met his match.
To my delight, yesterday afternoon on the way back from work i skidded to a stop next to a grey hatchback fitted with a giant grey roof box to find the mammoth milky mog perched proudly on top.

~Welcome back Conquistador. Let battle commence.


  1. Heather - email us on elgatofiesta@gmail.com and we'll add you!

  2. His name is gilbert! Looks a bit like a Polar bear and is deaf which is part of the reason so unworried about everything...

  3. I see him as well! I call him the Large White. What a great cat. I was so excited to see he has other fans :)


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