Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hello Party Kittens...

...this is Saffron (We didn't choose her name!). Saffron has come to join the party after a bit of a rocky start in life...

She has been with us for a couple of years now, and looks like she's only a young cat - she's quite small and practically half the size of an average kitty, but she's apparently knocking on a bit and is at least 10-11 years old. She came to be with us after my flat mates boss, had to move and couldn't take her along. The story goes, said boss answered an advert in the local paper, from a couple that had recently found a cat but couldn't afford to keep one. When she arrived on the couple's door they showed her Saffron. She was in a really bad way, very skinny, cuts and sores with manged fur and badly rotten teeth. The boss decided to take Saffron on, and took her to the vets. Where she underwent a series of injections and had all of her teeth removed. The vet estimated that she must have been on the street for quite a while, possibly up to 2 years. The boss had Saffron for just over 8 years, before she was passed to us. When we first got her she would completely freak out around plastic bags - especially black ones... which kind of makes you, wonder, what the hell she went through to get onto the streets.

Anyway, she's now with us and she's great! She has the softest fur - kind of like a rabbit. And although going a bit senile, she's amazing at catching mice. Trouble is she can't use her teeth, so they end up very wet and sucked to death...she also deposits them into my flat mates shoes, for her to find in the morning with her feet :-) Because she has no teeth, Saffron is prone to drooling a lot and sometimes her tongue sticks out, like in the picture...she doesn't seem to notice this and will walk around for ages with it flapping about.

Saffron hates to be alone, and loves company and hugs. So please, welcome Miss Saffron De Beauvoir onto the party circuit.

In up coming posts...Saffron, a BIG fan of man-musk! See what Saffron gets up to in her downtime...


  1. Welcome Saffron! Great that after all she's been through, she's still a big hug lover. Cats should show their tongues more often.


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