Saturday, 24 April 2010

Cat Cafe Seoul Part 2 - Return of the Cat

Ok, I'm sorry if this is annoying. I mean, I AM working out here, not just swanning about in Cafes with loads of furries etc, and in all honest I didn't plan on going to another one, but I was walking down the street and bumped into this guy...

And well.....It'd be rude NOT to go right?

So it's pretty much the same deal. Loads of Korean girls sipping green tea under two giant colour changing fish sculptures. This one was smaller and had a lot less cats than Gio, and had lots of little cat-nests around the edge of the room instead of a central cat tree.

This funny fellow was passed right out on the staff computer. He had strange little curled up ears.

In one of the cat nests we found a Sphinx! Never seen one before so was pretty rad. I thought they might feel a bit horrible, like all wrinkly, but in fact he was so soft, they actually have a downy like fur covering their bodies. Pretty amazing animal.

This was in another of the cat nests. Still can't figure out where the head is?

This handsome chap was my fav.

This was the boss. His picture was on the wall saying 'Master'. When he woke up, a kind of respectful cat hush fell over the room, it was pretty bizarre actually, the tension was only broken when one of the females ran over to greet him with a licking.

This female LOVED the manager of the cafe. She spent the whole time following him around and if he stood somewhere with a ledge near enough, she'd jump up and lick his face. Now... I like cats 'n all, but I'm not sure about the whole licking mouths stuff. Cat-butt tongue anyone?

Ok, so that's it. No more I promise.....



  1. I love this! why do we not have cat cafe's in the UK?!?

  2. because the chavs would stab them.

  3. Jessssusss. I am so jealous. Literally, dying.
    I think I might just open a cat cafe. (I would if i won the lottery.)


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