Friday, 9 April 2010

Cat Party welcome Chicken

This is Chicken my new furry friend. He's only 7 and a half weeks old, being born on the 16th February.
He's half Bengal and half he's a big talker, very playful and well, a massive lazy bones (so my kind of perfect friend)!! His back is covered in Leopard print and has piercing bluey/ green eyes...he just needs some pro photos taken if anyone is up for it! I cant capture his true beauty.! He's my best friend, I'm bouncing off the walls with happiness!
Any way is sleepy time for this little boy, he'll got a belly full of tuna.

But don't worry you'll be seeing a hell of lot more of this little chap on CP for sure. x


  1. What a wonderful animal. I am writhing in jealousy/happiness. x


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