Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Meet Indiana "Indy" Johnson

Hi there, has taken me little while to post about my new boy kitten here as I had to cope with the dual burdens of deciding on a name for him and being computer retarded.

Indy was arrived at after noticing my kitten's adventurous nature, love of jumping and climbing and complete inability to balance and generally messing all his moves up but just about pulling it off. He also shows an uncanny knack of being able to find lost treasure, in particular tuna, and then drop it. He lives in my weird underground basement room, henceforth known as the Temple of Doom.

His second name comes in tribute to an old favourite cat of my acquaintance, Big Fatty Johnson from Bristol, to a misunderstanding in a conversation with my friend Simona (Dexy's owner) about her checking out my "little fella" and due to the fact the he seems to be packing some firepower in the trousers department, even at 7 1/2 weeks old.

My hope is that in future he will attain the girth and relaxed temperament of this old trooper also, but wont suffer the indignity of being known as "Gash" during the time Big Fatty was thought to be a lady cat.

Indy is the older brother of Taskforce's kitten "Chicken" and fortunately has a name which will not cause him an inter species identity crisis later in life and possible psychological issues involving cannibalism. Here the two of them engage in a moment of brotherly tenderness.

They come from a very nice mother cat from, amusingly, Catford who is called "Caramel". Here is a picture of her.

Like Chicken, Indy is a half Bengal, half Siamese kitten but has tiger striping instead of leopard spots. So far he likes playing in boxes, on my head and shoulders on on my computer keyboard and almost bought something on eBay for me earlier this morning.

Here's a another pic of him in his favourite Easter Egg box...

And a few more pics of him and Chicken too larking about in my room.

This one above is probably my favourite silly photo at present with Chicken's front and Indy's back appering to be some kind of Frankenstein kitten combination.

For fear of taking up the entire front page I'll stop now and try and keep shorter regular updates on Indy's antics. I'll leave the last word to Indy who wants to type something,

"yhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjh3 1q"

(which as you all know is Kitten Bengali for Hello)

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