Sunday, 4 April 2010


Today is a really special day, as Maverick and Goose have finally worked out that out of eight possible nipples they could actually have one each, instead of continually fighting over the same one.

Anyone in close proximity of these animals will know what a tough week its been trying to sort them out, and I've been so busy taking care of them that I haven't had the time to post constant updates about them - but today has made me really happy.

Normally, Goose (the bigger one on the left) would feed from Clive, leaving me to syringe feed Maverick. Even if i could get Mav to feed, as soon as Goose woke up he would bully her away, and there was literally just that one boob they liked!

A few days ago Maverick went completely off her food, and i was having to force feed her, but today i woke up to this. I'm extremely happy about it.

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  1. gorgeous!!!!
    i think i might become a member of this cat party thing if i can work out how. think jammy & leela are missing out.


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