Thursday, 29 April 2010

International Nacho Day

Today is a really sad day for me, as it would have been Nacho's first birthday :(

It's been in my google calendar since I got him and I haven't wanted to remove it as I don't want to forget the little man - If he was still here today I'd be treating him waaaaaaay to much right now, that's for sure.

So, instead of feeling sad I'd like to declare today 'International Nacho Day' on Cat Party - feel free to do things like:

  • be super friendly to people all day
  • draw stripes all over your body and make purring noises
  • pretend you have a ridiculously massive fluffy tail and giant furry balls
  • pretend you have massive ears
  • run around a room and chase absolutely nothing like a total madman
  • chase a squirrel - very nearly catch it by jumping on it's back, but then eventually let it escape
  • run up to a mirror and do a back flip up against it cos you think it's another person staring at you
  • beg for food constantly
  • playfight with Dexter for most of the day (i'll let Snags take this task on)
  • get inside a vivarium and pretend you're a tortoise
  • urinate in my cheese plant
  • steal people's sandwiches (do this two days in row)
  • if you see a glass of drink on the floor, stick your head inside it and drink it
  • fall asleep pretty frequently throughout the day
  • climb up my leg and sit on my shoulder (this only works if I offer you cheese)
  • chase flies around the house
  • climb in a sink and sit in it with a crazed look
  • sit on a wall and gaze at the same spot for about half an hour
  • lie down and rest your arms out in front of you in a pose like a miniature lion
  • fall asleep on someone's lap
For what it's worth anyway, I just want to say Happy Birthday Nacho.

Please raise a glass of milk today in his honour and remember him for the amazing little beast that he was.


  1. Lovely commemoration x

  2. can i wee in your cheese plant xxx
    i love nacho and all he stood for....
    yeah! be super friendly to everyone!!!
    zuuli alex xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Nacho....I want to do everything especially steal people's sandwiches x x

  4. A lovely tribute. Our Gladstone ( big ginge) dies 3 yrs ago and we talk about him a lot. As a diabetic he's had his insulin jabs twice a day and nearly bankrupted us with vet's bills but he was hunting & enjoying life right to the end and he was 15!

  5. A very happy (belated) birthday to Nacho x x x x

    I celebrated by falling asleep pretty frequently during the day (although not like a miniature lion, wish I'd thought of that). Miss your antics little ginger man! x

  6. Happy birthday you ginger fiend! Indy has been urinating in plants and exposing his balls in salute to you.x

  7. He has also developed a love of tiramisu


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