Thursday, 8 October 2009

Clive as a baby

When these cats decided to set up home under our decking, we weren't about to stop them. They were all so shy that no one actually spotted the kittens for a while. We called the mum 'Samantha' and the two kittens 'Clive' and 'Owen' (assuming they were both boys). They were all completely feral, and the mum was pretty young. We'd put food down for them but you could never really get close.

I managed to film them once, but then we never really saw them again after that until Clive appeared weeks later all messed up. That's when we caught her and got her repaired. We never saw Owen again, and you can see in the video that he's got a gammy leg, guess the poor little bugger never pulled through.

But it's not all sadness and heartache, as Clive is living happily with me now, and Samantha still shows her face at the old place from time to time.

p.s. She's not getting Clive back, she's proven herself to be an irresponsible mother!


  1. Haha wicked post! Another example excellent example of mixed media posting too... strong work!

    This is definitely a contender for next month!

    Annoying actually... your post of Clive last month in the Jabba position made me laugh so much and was probably my favourite post but we somehow completely missed it when choosing the top ten! I would defo have voted for it ;-)

    anyone who isn't sure which one I mean, it's this one:

  2. Hmmm.. Samantha look like she may be expecting again in this vid. I officially shotgun one kitten.. Clive rules it.

  3. Glad you like it...

    and yeah, samantha's a slag, she'll be popping out plenty more kittens and dumping them on people's doorsteps - i'll get ya one...

    in other news, those fat-cats at city hall instantly deleted my original posting of this video for copyright infringement, so i've had to do a new version:

    I think it has a certain something...


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