Friday, 2 October 2009

The Original Ginger Nut!

Please meet Biscuit!

Biscuit turned up at my friends house in Newport one day and he never left.
He is very fat and lazy and he smells pretty bad too.... he always makes me laugh with his gross lazy ways.

I think Biscuit is probably Garfield personified, the height of laziness crossed with the greediest tendencies and he never looks very impressed.

He takes about a minute to eventually get out the cat flap because he has got a little ... erm shall we say rotund !
There was a slightly slimmer Biscuit imposter that used to come into the house and steal Biscuit's food took us a while to realise it wasn't him ! Biscuit is a scaredy cat and just let this freeloading imposter steal his food. Too lazy to fight I reckon, although he does lives with a one toothed cat called Megan (future post possibly!) and he always picks on her and eats her food so maybe he is just a wifebeater!

As you can see from the photos he likes to sleep and he can do it in pretty much any position.

Although he was neutered his little ginger balls grew back and I think he actually had a sexy time with my leg once (a white patch on my jeans after a vigorous hump, followed by him falling off and instantly going to sleep)


  1. OMG, Why hasn't this post got any comments yet?! This has quite literally just made my day! Look at him!
    I nominate Biscuit for next month's "Top Cat" poll...............

  2. indeed yes, an excellent post.. a fine example for all other CP users to live up to. That is one fat lazy beast. Makes me think we should do a formal BFJ post. Blacky what do you reckon?

  3. Yeah BFJ has yet to have much posted about him... I need to get some old stuff scanned in.

    Biscuit is indeed one lazy fat feline. Grrrreat stuff.

    Not sure about the random change of font though... need to be careful with our branding/design here at CP.

  4. Duly noted...more attention to detail in future Mr Black Al!

    I reckon I must have some more amazing photos of Biscuit somewhere and some Video footage of him sort of stuck in a bag but too lazy to do anything about .... I shall locate !


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