Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Funkadelic Bassist Reincarnated As Female Kitten

This is Bootsy Collins. We called her this mainly because it was a good name for a cat, and secondarily because it was the name of the bassist from Funkadelic. Either way, the first half of her night in chez Tai and Val was free of any major trauma. In fact, it was really fun and I think we were lucky to get such a sweet kitten. Aww (barf!!). Below is proof that Bootsy Collins' soul is alive and well, and still able to boogie. Thusly:

Everything was like a cat-based dream... until Val discovered that our washing basket had fallen over Bootsy during the night and made a veritable cage within which she was trapped for 6 hours. Val reported that she was a shivering mess and was worried that she'd need to see a cat shrink so that this didn't make her a basket case ('scuse the pun). Thankfully she's fine now and we think she'll enjoy our hippie house. Just stay away from my records Bootsy!!

More to come. We are still in the honeymoon period of cat ownership - I don't doubt for a second that there will be more minor dramas...


  1. Bootsy is too too cute! cant wait to meet her. x

  2. Ah... it reminds us of the early days when Pepper was a cute, sensitive ball of kitty love. That was before she met Jenna's Gran- who is largely responsible for changing her into the bitter, angry ball of rage that torments our every waking moment today.

  3. why what did this evil woman do?


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